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Across the nation, college campuses are buzzing with activity, and here at TFAS, we’re already hard at work organizing events, workshops, and seminars for high school and college students, young journalists, and even dedicated high school teachers. We’re excited to dive into another school year.

Throughout the summer, hundreds of TFAS students immersed themselves in our programs in D.C., absorbing the values that you and I hold dear. However, to continue shaping future leaders and driving positive change, we must meet them where they’re at—on college campuses.

TFAS impacts over 150,000 students annually. We guide them through the principles, traditions, and values that define our great nation:

  • Individual Liberty
  • Free-Market Economics
  • Limited Government

This school year, we’re aiming to set the tone for success right from the start. 

That’s why we’re calling on 176 concerned Americans to stand up and make a difference through your support.

No matter the amount—whether it’s $5 or $500—we’re hoping that just 176 individuals will contribute today!

As students return to college, they’re often confronted with an overwhelmingly leftist perspective. The indoctrination of students and the suppression of conservative voices is all too common.

And our success at combating that is proven!

An astounding 90% of students who attend a TFAS program come away with a heightened belief in free speech, free markets, and limited government. 

But it doesn’t end there. These students will continue championing our values for a lifetime, shaping the leaders of the 2040s.

Will you be a trailblazer among and join the first 176 individuals to support TFAS during the 2023-24 school year? Your contribution will help empower us to foster a new generation of conservative leaders.

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