This is your advocate toolkit! Please use the materials below to connect with your network and encourage them to participate in TFAS Alumni Giving Day.

Got A Few Seconds?

Follow @TFASorg on FacebookInstagram, X, and LinkedIn. Like, comment, and share information about Alumni Giving Day!

Social Media and Sharing: Post to social or share your story with the Alumni Engagement Team!

Got 10 Minutes?

You can easily create a personal link through our Giving Day platform to share with your network via social media, or by sharing the link. You can even set up personal goals for number of donors or dollars raised from your efforts!

Below, please find template language for your social media posts. If you have an advocate link, simply replace give.TFAS.org with your personal link!

URL: Give.TFAS.org
Downloadable Graphics
Printable “Why I Give” Signs

Hashtags: #TFAS
Account to Tag: @TFASorg


Today is TFAS Alumni Giving Day! For 24 hours, TFAS alumni and friends will rally together for TFAS students and celebrate developing courageous leaders. Make a gift before 11:59 p.m. on April 30 at [link].

I’m supporting TFAS today for TFAS Alumni Pass it On! Will you join me? Gifts to TFAS help fuel scholarships, enrich the student programs, develop leaders and empower the next generation. Together, we can spark dynamic impact! Visit give.TFAS.org.


Add your advocate link to your bio/profile.

Today, I’m supporting [Insert Program] at TFAS. Join me in participating in #TFAS Alumni Pass it On by making a gift and showing that, together, we have the power to inspire future leaders. Use the link in my bio!

Celebrate Alumni Giving Day at TFAS by making a gift for Alumni Giving Day! From now until 11:59 p.m. on April 30, your gift, made to any program or scholarship, will multiply our impact! Learn more and make your gift now at the link in my bio.


Today is #TFAS Alumni Giving Day, and I’m supporting TFAS students by making a gift to [Insert Program]. A gift of any size to any program contributes to reaching the goal of 1,000 donors and demonstrates our power to inspire! Make your gift now at give.TFAS.org.


We have 24 hours to come together for #TFAS Alumni Pass it On. Join me in supporting TFAS at give.TFAS.org .

Have More Time?

Personal outreach to others to invite their participation is one of the most effective ways to inspire giving. We’ve provided some sample language below for texts, emails and even talking points for phone calls!


Today is TFAS Alumni Giving Day! I’m participating by supporting [Insert Program] which is an TFAS programs that matters to me. Can I count on you to give too? Every gift makes an impact, and every donor counts toward our goal! You can make your gift at give.TFAS.org by 11:59 p.m. on April 30 and help students today. Thank you!

TFAS Alumni Pass it On is underway! I’m giving to [Insert Program] and ongoing matches and challenges help multiply the impact of gifts made by 11:59 p.m. on April 30. You can support TFAS students too by making a gift at give.TFAS.org – will you make a gift today, too?


Hi [Name],

Today is TFAS Alumni Giving Day! For 24 hours, the TFAS alumni community will rally together for students and celebrate our power to inspire. You can help us reach our goal of $25,000, and ongoing matches and challenges will multiply our collective impact!

I supported [Insert Program]. This program matters to me, and you can support an area that is most important to you. Your gift of any size makes an impact, and every donor counts toward our goal.

You can visit give.TFAS.org to make a gift and learn more.

Thank you so much for your support!

[Your Name]

Phone Call / Video Message

Standard Talking Points

TFAS Alumni Giving Day kicks off on April 30! For 24 hours the TFAS Alumni Network will rally together to support TFAS students by making gifts, participating in challenges, and spreading the word.

The goal is to raise $25,000 for TFAS students!

All TFAS alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends can make a gift of any size to the program of their choice and help us toward our goal!

I am supporting [Insert Program] because it is a meaningful part of TFAS to me. You can make a gift to any program that you find meaningful.

The impact of gifts can be multiplied by ongoing matches and challenges – every gift makes a difference, and every donor helps us toward our goal.

Will you join me and make a gift today? You can give online at give.TFAS.org.