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It’s no secret. Today’s college campuses often lack true dialogue and respect for American values.

As young people increasingly embrace Marxism, it is up to us to take action.

Through the Center for Excellence in Journalism, TFAS empowers students to stand up to leftist domination.

By training them to be real journalists who seek the truth, we can ensure conservative voices are heard on campuses across the country. 

Our students provide a voice for truth, challenging the Marxist indoctrination taking place at so many colleges.

And when those students graduate, they can effectively advocate for American values in whatever field they choose. This is especially true in the world of journalism, where left-wing bias has long been the norm.

But we cannot do this without you.

We have the opportunity to fight back against both college indoctrination and media bias in America. We want to see a new generation of principled journalists and young people who respect this country’s values.

It is already starting to happen. This fall, TFAS students at Harvard stood up to those on campus who loudly marched for Hamas.

Will you join us? Donate to TFAS today to change this country for the better!

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