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At TFAS we’re dedicated to strengthening our country and community by training the next generation of American leaders.

We give students, veterans, teachers, and recent grads a transformational experience by providing them an education that instills America’s founding values: limited government, liberty, and the free market.

This helps ensure that the next generation of American leaders understand and believe in the values that make this country great.

And because we take this seriously, we regularly conduct rigorous analyses of our impact. And it shows we are successful.

Each year  we see our student support for critical components of America’s success increase across the board:

  • the positive impact of capitalism by 13.79%
  • the free market by 15.15%
  • the positive impact of free trade by 39.34%

And that’s why next year we want to do even more. We want to impact 150,000 high school students, over 1,500 college students, and over 1,000 teachers.

But to do that, we need you to help sponsor a student by making a donation of any amount right now!

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