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Donate to Support The Fund For American Studies Summer LF Alumni


We’re thrilled to kick off our summer programs and it’s already shaping up to be one of our best classes ever. But we have a challenge for you.

Roger is calling on you and your class to help us pass the TFAS experience onto future generations. That’s why he’s challenged you to raise $10,115 for TFAS. And for every dollar you donate, he will match it up to $10,115!

Imagine the impact we can make when we come together.

That’s why we’re asking for your help. We want to raise:

  • $2,023 from those who graduated in the 1970s and 2020s (combining our youngest and oldest classes),
  • $2,023 from 1980s graduates,
  • and so on,

That adds up to a total of $10,115 from all previous TFAS classes. Money that will go directly to giving more people the experience you enjoyed!

As you know, TFAS teaches the fundamentals of policy, philanthropy, and economics, while instilling the principles of honorable leadership.

But we do so much more than educate: We help launch people’s futures. It takes most people years to build a valuable professional network, but TFAS fast-tracks young people’s lives.

You have your own TFAS story, one filled with learning, growth, and valuable connections that paved the way for your accomplishments. And right now you can help pass that experience on to more students than ever. Because every dollar you donate will be matched up to $10,115!

Now, we want you to help the next generation of TFAS students create their own stories.

Please donate today to help us do that!



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