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Donate to Support Ukrainian TFAS Students


Thank you for considering becoming a defender of liberty and sponsoring a Ukrainian student to attend a TFAS program. 

Every dollar you donate will help us send 1 Ukrainian student to a TFAS program where they will learn to lead courageously, think critically, and understand the world through a free-market economic lens.

These are the leaders of a future peaceful democratic Ukraine. TFAS is committed to strengthening their understanding of core democratic values and equipping them with the training to succeed and overcome whatever challenges they may face.

Ukrainian TFAS alumna Anna T. ’22 (whose scholarship was made possible by donors like you) said this about her goals for the future:

It is not possible for me to stop the war in my country, but it is possible for me to become an active citizen who is able to help in reconstructing the democratic institutions in the post-war period. I should be strong to contribute to the development of democratic initiatives in Ukraine after the war.”— Anna T. ’22

So, please, donate whatever you can to help these students. 

You will be investing not only in these courageous young people, but in spreading America’s democratic values.

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