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This year, the Left will have unchecked controls over the direction and future of the country. With the new VP serving as the tie-breaker in a knotted Senate, and with majority control over the House — their vision for increased government can now be won through a simple majority vote.

But what exactly was the vision of our Founders for the role of government in a free society? And how does the new administration’s agenda for our country compare?

To truly understand this, we need to fully examine what the role of government in a free society was pictured to be.

Get your free copy of "The Legitimate Role of Government in a Free Society" today!

This is the exact reason why we decided to publish an extremely popular lecture given to supporters of TFAS by the late Walter Williams—a deeply respected American economist, commentator, and academic.

When you get your free copy of "The Legitimate Role of Government in a Free Society", you’ll get answers to these key questions and more today:

  • What was the original idea for the role of government in a free society?

  • Was the United States of America founded to be a Democratic country or a Republic and what is the difference?

  • How has the explosion of the size of government been justified through the years by politicians?

  • Does the Constitution explicitly state the role of the federal government?

  • What is the primary mechanism for the government to manage the expansion or shrinking of your liberty?

  • What is the eventual conclusion of an ever-expanding government?

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What readers are saying:

"Please send a few thousand copies to Washington!"

- Roger S.

"Read up folks! If the Left takes over, America will no longer be America. Their goal is to destroy this country."

- Jim R.