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Lessons from Venezuela V1 – w/Book


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When you get your eBook, you’ll learn that Venezuela’s collapse began with the same deceptive promises being embraced by over half of the young people in our country!

  • Beginning in 1975, the Venezuelan government took control of the energy industry, similar to today’s “Green New Deal” proposals.
  • Then they granted free college, free healthcare, free fuel, and other massive social welfare handouts. (Sound familiar?)
  • Then the government ran out of money. Poverty raced through Venezuelan society. And if you loudly dissented? You were killed, sent to prison, or tortured.

With Americans being lured down the same path, will you invest in saving the next generation? 

Because without your help, The Fund for American studies won’t be able to change their minds as they fall prey to the same promises that led Venezuela to disaster.

TFAS has a 53-year track record of success. Our 42,000 alumni include men and women who served in the Reagan White House, and today are found promoting freedom in government, business, law, and journalism. Before campuses closed, we sent Jorge Galicia—a young lawyer who fled Venezuela for America and author of this eBook—to college campuses across America to share his story.

The responses we have received have galvanized us that this approach works in changing the hearts and minds of young people.

What students are saying:

I hope that more people who have fled Venezuela can speak in universities throughout America. These people need to hear their story and know that it’s the reality of what is happening and that it is more than possible for that to happen to America. I’m immensely grateful to have been able to come out tonight and participate in such a powerful night. The speech was about 30 minutes then we all asked questions and discussed important things for over an hour. Amazing. What a blessing.
Hannah S., University of Alabama

It showed the true side of socialism. I loved the speech!
Luke E., University of Maine

It opened my eyes to how harmful a socialist government can be to innocent people. Very moving!
Mariyka, Mercer University

The lecture opened my eyes more to what happened and is currently happening in Venezuela, and took a look into the dangers of a socialist society.
Anonymous, North Carolina State University

You can open the hearts and minds of more young people all across our country today.

When you make a gift of $100 or more today, we’ll also send you a free copy of The Enduring Tension, Capitalism and The Moral Order—written by Dr. Don Devine, the esteemed Grewcock Senior Scholar at TFAS, who was dubbed President Ronald Reagan’s “terrible swift sword of the civil service” by The Washington Post. Don is a stalwart in defending the Constitution, and just one of the great TFAS teachers that students will learn from with your gift today.

TFAS is 100% donor-supported. We need your help to take Jorge and Andrés speeches to more young Americans today. Your gift will also produce and spread more of our Teaching Freedom Guides like LESSONS FROM VENEZUELA to people—especially young people—who need them most. And you will be supporting scholarships, internships, and to attract, educate, and equip future leaders to launch their careers to defend America’s founding principles.

Would you consider making a gift today and defend create future leaders who will defend your principles for a generation or more?

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