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While colleges across the country are focused on indoctrinating our young citizens with radical left-wing views and ideologies, The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) is fighting back. 

We recruit the best and brightest students from across all 50 states. And when they show up we survey them on critical questions (do you believe in the free market, do you think that Freedom of Speech is good, etc.).

Then we spend months educating them on the genius of America’s Founding Fathers, the importance of the free-market system, and honorable leadership. 

And, when they leave, something magical happens—on average more than 90% of them believe in the values you and I share. 

And, as if that was not enough, our programs ensure that our students get the most important thing. Real-world experience. That is why TFAS students work while they study.

We ensure that they get partnered with a mentor and have an internship in the field they want to work in.

That combination means that we are seeding the corporate, governmental, philanthropic, and public policy worlds with future leaders who are principled conservatives and libertarians. In fact one Republican Member of Congress had this to say about his time at TFAS: 

“It became crystal clear to me that America is here for a purpose. The freedom we have in this country is the exception to the norm on the timeline of history.”

– David Rouzer R-NC

But, unfortunately, all of that absolutely critical work costs money. And, that is why we’re asking you to help us continue to recruit, educate, and train future leaders. 

Every dollar that you donate will go directly to our hard work. It will help identify the young up-and-coming student at Ohio State, Texas, Michigan, or even Harvard that needs a grounding in the principles that our Founding Fathers handed down to us! 

So please, donate $500, $250, $50, or even just $25 right now!

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