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Survey: Marx Confirmation (lower gift array)


Help Counter Marxism by Educating New Generations of Leaders for Freedom

Thank you for your answers to the MARXISM IN AMERICA SURVEY by The Fund for American Studies (TFAS).

Your recognition that Marxism is a serious danger to America today is a credit to you as a defender of American freedoms. And it is an encouragement to the faculty, staff, and students of TFAS across the country.

Only Americans who perceive this danger are in a position to counter it. You are one of those insightful Americans. 

For that reason, will you donate to help The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) rescue young Americans at risk of being lured down the Marxist path or lulled into apathy? Will you help awaken them to the danger, and change their minds?

We need to raise a generation of leaders inoculated against the Marxist seduction.

TFAS can do that! TFAS has a 54-year track record of success as a premier educational organization producing effective and strategic conservative leaders. Our 43,000 alumni include men and women who served in the Reagan White House, and today are found promoting freedom in government, business, and journalism. Many of them are effectively fighting Marxism today in government, law, the media, and business. 

But, we are 100% donor-supported. We need help from insightful Americans like you who understand the threats to America. Your gift today will help:

  • Develop and launch new speaking sessions, which will be used to produce our Teaching Freedom guides like Lessons from Sweden, Marx and the False Communist Promise, and Lessons from Venezuela, so we can get them into the hands of more than 100,000 people.
  • Allow more college-aged people to hear the horrifying, true story of Marxist socialism in Venezuela from our asylum-seeking speakers, Andrés Guilarte and Jorge Galicia.
  • Educate and prepare more students for leadership in government, business, and journalism.
  • Establish more educational programs through our high school division, the Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE)  to reach more high school students and their educators and debunk  the myth that capitalism fosters greed and is evil.
  • Expand our journalism fellowship program to teach future journalists the virtues of reporting on facts and unbiased truth.
  • Grow our Law Fellowship to teach future leaders in the legal field to correctly interpret, apply, and defend the Constitution as they go forward.
  • Create more internships for future leaders in public policy, international affairs, journalism, business-government relations, and executive leadership to prepare them to lead with your values as their foundation.

TFAS refuses to take a single penny of government funding, so we entirely rely upon your support to accomplish this mission.

You can fight against the growing demand for Marxism and socialism in our country by educating Americans—especially young people—to champion civic virtue, a strong moral compass, and an appreciation of America’s founding principles.


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