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Alumni Staff Spotlight: Eliza Miller


Eliza Miller ’20, Program Coordinator –
LTAP and Capital Semester

TFAS students know firsthand the transformational benefits of our programs. Some alumni participate in multiple programs to see more of what TFAS has to offer, and some alumni are so captivated by TFAS’s impact they return as staff members. This affords them the opportunity to pass along their enthusiasm for liberty and leadership to the next generation of TFAS students. In our interview series with these individuals, we’re introducing the alumni staff members to showcase the people behind our programs. You can find the other featured interviews linked at the bottom of this page.

In this feature, we’ll hear from Eliza Miller, a 2020 alumna of the Business + Government Relations program who now serves TFAS as the Program Coordinator of the Leadership + the American Presidency and Capital Semester programs.

TFAS: Which memory stands out to you as a key part of your TFAS experience?

Eliza Miller: I participated in the Business + Government Relations program track in 2020, which was one of TFAS’s first completely virtual programs. Even though it was virtual, we still had so many amazing opportunities. My favorite memory is of networking nights! I absolutely loved getting to hear so many D.C. perspectives. Everyone has such a different story of how they got to the city and are so open in telling their stories. I loved being able to make connections and really valued those as I looked for a job in D.C.

TFAS: What is the most important lesson you learned from participating in a TFAS program?

EM: To jump in feet first! I absolutely wanted to make the most of my summer with TFAS and took every opportunity to do so. All of the events that TFAS offers will, in some way, nourish and inform your D.C. experience. For me, it was crucial to experience every event possible. I now take this piece of knowledge into my everyday life and my job at TFAS.

TFAS: Did you make any connections during your program that you’ve maintained?

EM: Yes! My classmate Elizabeth Weise ’20 and I still talk regularly and we have become great friends. We had the same mentor, and the three of us still have monthly meetings together. The TFAS program would never have been the same without Elizabeth. Although the program was virtual, the connections you make at TFAS can last a lifetime, and I was lucky to benefit from building valuable peer-to-peer connections and friendships last summer. There were many days throughout the program where the first conversation in the morning and the last conversation before going to bed were with her. I would never have had the opportunity to meet her without TFAS.

TFAS: What is the most rewarding part of working for TFAS?

EM: When a student lands an internship that was especially intriguing to them! Oftentimes, students come in unsure of where they want to intern or what they are really interested in doing. Part of my job is to share suggestions and show a variety of opportunities where they might be a good fit. When I suggest an internship site that a student feels passionate about, I become invested. Then, when they are hired for that internship, it’s especially exciting! I get to watch them learn and grow in that field and in their professional abilities. It’s a great job!

TFAS: What would you like to say to other TFAS alumni and future students?

EM: Once you have graduated from your TFAS program, stay in touch! The most important thing to me about TFAS is the ability to give back once you have graduated. Not only have you benefited from the TFAS program, but you have the amazing opportunity to help those who come after you. So while you are a student in the program, soak it all up! Then once you graduate, give back to current and prospective students. It’s an amazing cycle that helps so many students find their path.

TFAS: Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

EM: If you are an alumnus and this has inspired you to volunteer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We are always looking for ways to connect alumni with our current programs and students.

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