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Alumni Volunteers Make TFAS Programs Possible


Alumni donate their time, energy and resources to help TFAS students have the best experience while in a TFAS program. By offering career and professional advice as a mentor, setting up a briefing or site visit, serving as a guest speaker or internship supervisor, alumni are fundamental to the success of our programs in Washington, D.C. and abroad.

TFAS would like to say a special thank you to our alumni who volunteered this year and who enabled students to have the true TFAS experience. We’ve tried to capture as many of our volunteers as possible. If we’ve inadvertently missed you, please let us know by emailing alumni@TFAS.org.

One of the most important parts of the TFAS experience is the strong community it provides its students. For many of them, DC is new, exhilarating, and at times, intimidating. I continue to volunteer so that these students know that they have a supportive home away from home here with TFAS.”  –  Claire Tonneson (IPJ 11)

This year’s volunteers included:

Nikole Killion (IPJ 97) offers career advice to students at the IPJ Alumni Roundtable.
Nikole Killion (IPJ 97) offers career advice to students at the IPJ Alumni Roundtable.

Roy Abdo

Alyssa Adams

George Akhlkatsi

Juraj Antal

Ashley Antoskiewicz

Nick Ballasy

Andrew Basham

Richard Bejtlich

Tomas Bereta

Alex Berger

Andrew Bernius

Vincent Blankert

Clint Bolick

David Boling

Tiana Bouma

Shant Boyajian

Samantha Boyd

Robin Brand

Erin Breen

Tim Brown

Andrea Brown-Philips

Michele Bupp

Rong Chen

Andrew Christianson

Michael Collins

Sheila Consaul

Joel Corley

Kurt Couchman

Heather Crouch

Krishana Davis

Amanda DeGroff

Lauren Dickinson

David Donadio

Annie Donaldson

JP Edgette

Laure Fabrega

Dara Fennell

Katie Fourmy

Joaquin Gallardo

Patty Gentry

Dominique Gilbert

Corey Goldstone

Eugenio Briales

Marianne Goodwin

Mark Grabowski

Brittany Hackett

Sean Harriton

John Heltman

Julie Herward

Alyssa Hinman

Emily Holden

Jiri Holik

Blake Hollander

Megan Hoot

Elizabeth Huff

John Huldin

Lindsey Rose Hurlbut

Allison Isakson

Sandra Issa

Brian Jack

Mike Jayne

Elizabeth Jia

Remley Johnson

Mark Johnston

Amira Karim

Nikole Killion

Mike Kollenberg

Amanda Kolling

Michael Krempasky

Jakub Kuhlanek

Ravi Kumar

Jakub Leps

Avery Lord

Chelsea Lord

Jonathan Lozier

Colleen Maleski

Natalie Mamerow

Gabrielle McCaffrey

Patrick McCarthy

Walter McCormick

Sean McNally

Kim Meltzer

Aaron Miles

Blair Mixon

Christopher Molitoris

Michael Moroney

Andreas Mueller

Dafina Mulaj

Ladan Nowrasteh

Jermaine Ogaja

Martina Olbertova

Zhikica Pagovski

Amanda Pope

Christie Porchelli

Andrew Powaleny

Deanna Price

Rachel Provost

Federica Rabiolo

Peter Redpath

Joe Sabia

Hrishabh Sandilya

David Satterfield

Mark Schoeff  Jr.

Stan Sikorski

Brent Skorup

Jeanna Smialek

Anna Smith Lacey

Dennis Stephens

Will Sturm

Juana Summers

Priyanka Surio

Miriama Syetovska

Alissa Swango

Jessica Taylor

Mike Thompson Jr

Pamela Thorburn

Christopher D.  Tomsovic

Claire Tonneson

Brian Tumulty

Vlad Vano

Adam Vicks

Adam Waldeck

Rachel Wein

Rebecca Weissman

Joseph Whitehead

Jaimie Woo

Bryan Wood

Stefani Zimmerman

Patrick Zoltvany

Jeffrey Zubricki



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