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Featured Alumnus: Victor Biebighauser (ICPES 74)


Victor Biebighauser (ICPES 74)Victor Biebighauser (ICPES 74) was not particularly fond of economics before his summer with TFAS in 1974. Thanks to Dr. George Viksnins, however, Biebighauser soon changed his mind.

“I particularly remember Dr. Viksnins because, although economics was not my field or major, he presented the material in such a clear way. Because of what I learned from him, I was no longer afraid of economics and, in fact, came to have a much higher interest in the subject.”

Helping students to understand complex subjects like economics has always been something that TFAS strives to accomplish. In addition, teaching economics to students who are majoring in other subjects is also noteworthy, as it helps to give them a more well-rounded education.

Biebighauser was not only exposed to different academic subjects while in Washington, but he was also thrown into different daily experiences as well. As an intern in the office of Rep. J. Kenneth Robinson, 7th District of Virginia, Biebighauser worked on Capitol Hill and was surrounded by the Nixon impeachment hearings.

In addition to his duties with the congressman’s office, he was given opportunities to observe hearings and sessions of the House of Representatives.

Biebighauser now serves as the President of South University in Montgomery, Ala., where he has held the position since 1994.

Prior to his career at South University, Biebighauser served as the President and CEO of CareerCom Corporation and served as the Associate Executive Director at the Association of Independent Colleges and Schools in Washington, D.C.

In addition to his career, he volunteers quite frequently and is the current president of the Alabama Association of Private Colleges and Schools, while he also sits on the board of directors for the Chemical Addictions Programs. He was a 2003 member of the campaign cabinet for the Montgomery Area United Way and was formerly on the board of directors for the Montgomery Rotary Club and the Rotary Charity Foundation.

He currently resides in Montgomery, Alabama where he lives with this wife, Elizabeth. His son, John, graduated from William & Mary in 2006 and resides in Atlanta, while his daughter Julia is a junior at Southern Methodist University.



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