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Featured Professor: Adam Martin


Adam MartinOn April 27, 41 Capital Semester students received commencement certificates during a reception held on Capitol Hill. This year the students took their economics course with TFAS Professor Adam Martin of George Mason University and the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS).

“The chance to teach for TFAS has been a way of keeping one foot in the academic world, while I work at a nonprofit,” said Martin. “I do love working at IHS, but teaching at TFAS is usually the highlight of my week.”

Martin works with several organizations dedicated to the principles of liberty and limited government, but says TFAS is unique. “TFAS is singular in its spirit of open dialogue across the entire range of the political spectrum,” said Martin.

Most of us with any strong commitment to a particular vision of the good society spend the bulk of our time in conversation with those with whom we largely agree. TFAS does a tremendous job of breaking down those barriers and bringing all sorts of people together to talk seriously about critical issues.”

According to Martin, one reason TFAS stands out is that its students are learning both practical skills and important principles. “They learn about the philosophical, economic, legal and political principles that shape our society, while also picking up skills for navigating the day-to-day tasks involved in journalism, public policy and other forms of public engagement,” said Martin.

Martin says he would like to see TFAS take full advantage of new forms of educational media to get its message out to more students. He also says he looks forward to seeing his students and other TFAS alumni in important positions from which they can make the world a freer place.

According to Martin, working with the team TFAS President Roger Ream has put together – in particular Lily Harrison, who runs the Capital Semester Program – is enjoyable work. “My selfish hope is that I get to stay involved with TFAS,” said Martin. “The whole team makes it easy on those of us in the faculty to give our full attention to students that are bright, interested and public spirited. It’s been a real honor and privilege to be involved.”

Martin resides in Alexandria, Va. with his wife. The two enjoy traveling, wine tastings and playing board games.


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