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Featured Supporter: Anne R. Pierce


Anne R. Pierce is an author, commentator and scholar in the areas of American presidents, American foreign policy and American society. With a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, she is an appointed member of Princeton University’s James Madison Society and political science field editor for Transaction Publishers.

Pierce meets author and AEI visiting scholar, Dr. John Yoo, during the TFAS conference in Sonoma, California.Pierce has written three books, and contributed to three others. Her articles have been published in the Washington Times, the Washington Examiner, Society, USEmbassy.gov, Ricochet.com, World and I, and elsewhere. She relies upon thorough research and the lessons of history to provide analysis of forces shaping our world. She is fascinated with periods of upheaval and transition, and tries to spotlight what is lost as well as what is gained in times of change.

One recent article that Anne feels relates to the good work at TFAS is titled “Rediscovering America’s Voice” (Washington Times). In it, she says, “It’s time we rediscovered our American voice. Talking about or, conversely, remaining silent about, human rights, limited government and the rule of law can mean the difference between standing for something and inspiring many, and standing for nothing and inspiring few.” Pierce says TFAS does exactly that. “This impressive organization keeps the discussion about individual rights, human rights and political freedom alive, in a time when all too many people remain silent. … They fail to study the origins of the political liberty they enjoy, and fail to speak out against dictatorships and ‘soft despotism,'” she said.

Anne and her husband Charlie, who is a business executive, see the TFAS vision as astute, and its mission and work as essential. TFAS arose out of concern that the lack of appreciation for the American principles that fostered our constitutional government and free-enterprise system would result in the loss of individual liberties. Anne and Charlie second that concern, and have deep admiration for TFAS and its programs for teaching the founding principles that are often taken for granted or ignored in the American educational system. They greatly admire the way TFAS was “present at the creation” when the Iron Curtain fell, teaching Eastern Europeans the ideals and constitutional structures of free government. Students from Washington D.C. to Prague to Hong Kong have benefited from TFAS’s excellent seminars and programs.

This impressive organization keeps the discussion about individual rights, human rights and political freedom alive, in a time when all too many people remain silent.”

Anne and Charlie live in Cincinnati, and are newcomers to Boston. They welcome meeting other Bostonian supporters of TFAS at some future events.

Pierce TFAS 45 Conference
Pierce asks a question during the 45th Anniversary Annual Conference.

Although the Pierces don’t remember how they first learned of TFAS, they say that as soon as they did they were impressed with the organization and felt right at home the first time they attended one of TFAS’s fun and enlightening events. They knew they would become supporters, and would attend more events, so as to stay in contact with the wonderful people they had met, and to listen to more of TFAS’s interesting speakers.

As for TFAS students and young alumni, Anne shared these inspiring words: “Take the wonderful experience and education of your TFAS programs, and pass it on,” said Pierce. “In this, status-conscious, trend-driven, media-obsessed society, remember what is important. Do good and think hard. Always act from both your heart and mind. Generate appreciation for individual rights and human rights, and speak out for the oppressed.”

To learn more about Anne Pierce, follow her on Twitter at Twitter.com/AnneRPierce or visit her website at annerpierce.com.



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