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Featured Supporter: Julia Chang Bloch


In 1998, Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch founded the US China Educational Trust (USCET) to grant fellowships to Chinese students to study and intern in the United States. After learning about the opportunities available to international students at TFAS, Bloch realized that TFAS could be the perfect fit for Chinese students looking to study and be immersed in American values.
As President of the USCET, Bloch works to promote US-China relations though education and exchange for China’s next-generation leaders. As an active member of the TFAS Board of Regents, she has helped forge a strong relationship between TFAS and USCET that continues to strengthen and grow. To date, Bloch has helped some 25 Chinese students experience American society and government through participation in TFAS programs.
As an immigrant herself, Bloch says she owes a great deal to this country.
“I doubt there is another country where a first generation Chinese American could become ambassador in her lifetime. I have personally experienced the values and opportunities that have made America great. I want others to understand this country–what is stands for, and the ideas upon which is was built.”
Bloch greatly appreciates the experience TFAS gives its international students in both its U.S. and overseas programs. She also values the cooperation and partnership that her organization has with TFAS.
As someone with extensive foreign relations experience, Bloch recognizes the significance of the relationship between the United States and China and believes it is the most important diplomatic relationship in the world today. She says, “The chance to bring China’s future leaders to the United States as part of the TFAS summer institutes will strengthen mutual understanding and build trust, making a difference in US-China relations.”
Bloch recognizes that TFAS is truly making a difference and impacting the students who participate in its programs. She points out that it is obvious when you look at TFAS’ alumni network that young people are energized and remain engaged in TFAS programs and events.
“TFAS brings alive American values and builds bridges and community among peoples all around the world.”
As TFAS continues to grow, Bloch hopes even more students can be reached internationally. After having the privilege to work with TFAS in establishing the Hong Kong program, she believes bringing America to other regions as well, will serve the US’ and the world’s interests as we continue moving into the future.
Born in China, Bloch emigrated to San Francisco at the age of nine. She received a B.A. from UC Berkley and a Master’s from Harvard. Bloch has been involved in government and foreign affairs for more than 25 years, starting as a Peace Corps volunteer in Malaysia and eventually serving as the US Ambassador to the Kingdom of Nepal. When not in government, Bloch was at Harvard, first as a Fellow at the Institute of Politics and later as a Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Center for International Affairs.
Since retirement, Bloch has taught at Peking University in Beijing and Fudan University in Shanghai. She remains active in USCET serving as president. Bloch and her husband, Stuart Marshall Bloch, reside in Washington, D.C.


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