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Featured Supporters: Bill And Pat Descher


Bill and Pat Descher were initially drawn to TFAS after receiving mail from Fred Barnes discussing the organizations activities. As avid viewers of Fox News, this letter prompted the Deschers to take a greater interest in TFAS.

After learning about the TFAS 15th Anniversary trip to Central Europe, the Deschers signed up for a journey that would solidify their appreciation of the TFAS mission.

“We had recently been to Prague and wanted to return, so we signed up for the trip and were blown away with the content. It was the greatest trip we have ever taken. It was eye opening to learn about TFAS through the students, professors and alumni.”

As an entrepreneur and business owner, Bill Descher has a strong appreciation for the international programs run by TFAS that strive to educate students abroad on the benefits of free markets.

He believes “If the world is going to get more peaceful…we need to expose the youth of the world to liberty and the free market system.” Following this ideology, Descher employs about seventy international students in the restaurants he owns and believes that the exposure to the other 90% of his workforce is enlightening.

In order to ensure that the free market mission of TFAS continues, the Deschers decided to include the organization in their will.

“If we are to leave something to those still living, what more could we leave than the hope of a truly free world with all its abundant possibilities for all to have free choice.”

An Illinois native and a graduate of Ripon College in Wisconsin, Descher now runs a family business of McDonald’s franchises. He and Pat have three sons and six grandchildren. They reside in Ocean Springs, MS and enjoy golf, travel and bridge.



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