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Liberty + Leadership News: March 24


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Rick Graber on How Foundations Change Lives

In this week’s Liberty + Leadership Podcast, TFAS President Roger Ream ’76 and Rick discuss The Bradley Foundation’s role in revamping Milwaukee’s public school system by funding educational choice, the current tensions within the Republican Party, his efforts in promoting free markets as Ambassador to the Czech Republic in the George W. Bush administration, and how the Czech people truly understands the threat of Russian’s war in Ukraine.

TFAS Curriculum Director Debbie Henney Receives Bessie B. Moore Service Award

Debbie Henney, director of curriculum for TFAS high school programs (FTE), accepts the Bessie B. Moore Service Award.

The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) is proud to announce that Debbie Henney, director of curriculum for TFAS high school programs, was selected as the recipient of the Bessie B. Moore Service Award by the National Association of Economic Educator (NAEE). She was presented the honor at the NAEE conference earlier this month.

The Bessie B. Moore Service Award recognizes those who have had a significant impact on the delivery and enhancement of economic education, as well as an affiliation with the National Association of Economic Educators (NAEE) or the Civics and Environmental Education (CEE) organizations.

Henney has dedicated her career to enhancing economic education as a professor and director of the honors program at Mesa Community College and in her current role as director of curriculum for TFAS high school programs, The Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE).

Read more about Henney’s economic education impact here.

TFAS Executive Vice President Steve Slattery Shares the Solution to the Migrant Crisis

The TFAS Guatemala class of 2022.

As someone who continuously crosses paths with students from different backgrounds and experiences, TFAS Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Steve Slattery knows firsthand just how crucial it is to educate the next generation of young leaders about the principles of a free society. Inspired by his interactions with students in TFAS’s Latin American programs, Slattery wrote about why “better leadership and more economic freedom can help make these countries places their natives don’t want to leave,” in a new op-ed for National Review.

In the article, Slattery explains how although the Biden administration recently announced that it would increase asylum regulations at the U.S.–Mexico border to halt unauthorized crossings, it has not yet acknowledged the full gravity of the migrant crisis.

Steve Slattery connects with students during TFAS Guatemala 2022.

Slattery explains that even though migrants may not want to leave their friends, family and homes, they are left with no choice when their home countries don’t create economic opportunity or security. Beyond educating people to fill professional jobs, countries in the region need a new cadre of intellectual and political leaders, he explains.

“My organization, The Fund for American Studies (TFAS), has been working in Latin America since 2008, identifying the most promising young minds and bringing them together in immersive seminars on the principles of a free society,” he writes.

It is TFAS’s mission to educate the next generation of courageous leaders so that they can create a better tomorrow for their community and the world.

Read more about Slattery’s insights in National Review here.

 TFAS Faculty, Alumni, Supporters in the News

Niki DaSilva ’14 was promoted to senior director at U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

The New York Post published an article about Kenny Xu, Novak ’21, who is fighting to rebuild meritocracy in U.S. schools.

Naomi Schaefer Riley, Novak ’01, wrote an article for City Journal about The Federal Administration for Children and Families proposing revising the definition of “foster family home” to let each state adopt different standards for certifying relatives and non-relatives as foster parents.

TFAS Senior Scholar Dr. Don Devine wrote an article about the Biden Administration politicizing civil service background investigations for The American Spectator.

Megan Basham, Novak ’04, wrote a piece for Daily Wire about California canceling Walgreens and Casey DeSantis partnering with the company to help Floridians in need.

Peter Suderman, Novak ’10, writes about how Congress has failed to pass a budget on time in 27 years for the upcoming April edition of Reason Magazine.

Sarah Westwood ’22 wrote an article for Washington Examiner about how Biden’s administration refuses to communicate with members of Congress on almost every front.

Peter Suderman, Novak ’10, wrote an opinion piece for Reason about Biden’s ‘Economic Plan,’ which he described as a bad industrial policy for workers and consumers.

Post of the Week

Earlier this month, TFAS hosted the Curriculum of Liberty Seminar “American Ideas on Liberty” for TFAS alumni in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Clint Blackburn ’14 was one of the participants for this event. He shared his experiences of discussing the ideas of liberty, individual rights, and free-market economics with other TFAS alumni. He also shared that the event provided an excellent opportunity to discuss, debate, and challenge fundamental American ideas throughout our history. Clint’s full LinkedIn post can be found below.

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