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Liberty + Leadership News: Oct. 10, 2019


We hope you enjoy these top news stories about TFAS activities, alumni and events this week. Please visit us on social media for additional up-to-the-moment TFAS news and information and sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly updates.

Record-Breaking Number of High School Students Reached Through 2019 Programs

FTE students taking lecture notes
Students take notes during a lesson on how profits attract resources, spur innovation and improve our lives.

TFAS High School Programs reached new heights this year, setting a record for the number of high school students reached through our Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE) summer programs.

More than 650 high school students learned the “economic way of thinking” through our week-long Economics for Leaders and Economics History for Leaders programs. FTE programs teach high school students about the benefits of free markets and personal liberty, and show them how to apply economic reasoning to everyday issues.

I feel more confident approaching conflict and controversial topics by keeping an open mind. FTE has changed my outlook on my purpose in life and in my own community.”– Jackson, FTE student from Oklahoma

Week-long residential programs were held on 14 campuses including: Yale, UC-Berkeley, Cornell, Rice, UCLA, Emory and Brown.

Student program enrollment this summer was a 28% increase over the year prior, providing hope that our programs will continue to expand and reach more of our future leaders and citizens with these essential concepts. To learn more about FTE 2019 summer programs, visit TFAS.org/FTE19.

TFAS Alumni Can Double Their Impact Thanks to Generous $100K Matching Challenge

D.C. Public Policy Students
D.C. Summer Program students participate in a discussion activity during a public policy guest lecture.

TFAS alumnus Bobby Tudor ’81 is challenging his fellow alumni to give back and help change the lives of future TFAS students. Thanks to Tudor’s generosity, all donations made by TFAS alumni will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000 until the end of 2019.

Tudor was a partner at Goldman Sachs until 2004 when he left to found his own firm, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Company, where he serves as chairman. Thanks to his generous support, TFAS alumni can really make an impact when they give back through Dec. 31 at TFAS.org/AlumniGiveBack.

I give back so other students can take advantage of the experience and grow into thoughtful, pragmatic leaders. I want to help position them to have the best impact on society.”– Jeremy Harrell ’07, PPF ’10

As you know, civil discourse is dying in our country and people are less likely to express their ideas constructively than they are just to shout their viewpoint over each other. At TFAS, we welcome students with all points of view and value their ideas and contributions, while providing open forums for discussion and learning. Now alumni have the unique opportunity to help even more deserving students attend our life changing programs. Donate today! TFAS.org/AlumniGiveBack

TFAS Campus Lecture Series Spreads Economic Lessons to Colleges Across U.S.

Dr. Anne Bradley speaks to college students at Texas Tech University in the Fall of 2018.

TFAS courses are on the road again. Our George and Sally Mayer Fellow for Economic Education and Academic Director, Dr. Anne Bradley, recently gave a talk on the political economy of al-Qaeda at the College of Charleston, and will continue to share lessons on the “Economics of Terrorism” at Mercer University in Georgia, and Arkansas’ John Brown University

Dr. Bradley’s remarks examine al-Qaeda as a case study in modern terrorism from a rational choice, comparative institutional perspective. By examining terrorist activity through this lens, Dr. Bradley captures both the demand and supply sides of its “market,” a perspective that can illuminate dimensions of international terrorism that often escape more conventional analyses, and offers some novel and promising counterstrategies.

The TFAS Campus Lecture Series is an effort funded through our Liberty + Leadership Campaign to reach more students with TFAS lessons and curriculum. The initiative brings TFAS faculty and guest speakers to campuses across the country to present engaging discussions on economics and policy. Since it began last year, the series has reached more than 500 students and teachers.

Video of the Week

Public Policy Fellow Ben Woodward, PPF ’19, interviews TFAS professor and alumna Karen Czarnecki ’88 about her multi-dimensional work experiences in politics and education for “Between Two Jobs.”

Quick Links

Tugce Bulut ’03 makes Top 50 List of Europe’s Most Influential Women in Start-Ups and Venture Capital Space.

Robby Soave, Novak ’17, reports for Reason on the recent ruling of a race-based admissions bias case at Harvard University and its likely appearance before the Supreme Court.

Lauren Belive ’05 credits TFAS with giving her the “political bug” (and introducing her to her husband Jeffrey Zubricki ’05) in a birthday feature in Politico. Belive is the director of federal government relations at Lyft.

Tony Mecia ’92, ’93, Novak ’01, reports on job creation and the big work-from-home boom in The Charlotte Ledger.

Chris Moody, Novak ’19, discusses his Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship project, “Freedom on the Fringes: A 35,000-mile Journey in Search of a More Meaningful American Dream” with NPR’s “Here and Now.”

Jamie Brown Hantman ’89 has a new book, “Heels in the Arena: Living Purple in a Red/Blue Town,” detailing her career in Washington. Listen to Brown Hantman discuss the book for the “Author Hour” podcast.

Julia (Henning) Seidel ’13 is executive director of Compassion Community Clinic in Nevada.

TFAS Grewcock Senior Scholar Dr. Donald Devine says the deep state does exist in a piece for The American Conservative.

Mollie Hemingway, Novak ’04, appears on Fox News to discuss whether Rudy Guiliani will testify before the Senate on Biden-Ukraine allegations.

Steve Hayes ’94, Novak ’00, joins Jonah Goldberg’s podcast “The Remnant” to discuss their new digital news company, “The Dispatch.” The new venture is cofounded by Goldberg, Hayes and fellow TFAS alumnus Toby Stock ’98.

Robby Soave, Novak ’17, is featured on KJZZ radio show to discuss his book on free speech and political activism on college campuses in age of Trump. Soave’s book was the direct result of his 2017 TFAS Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship writing project.

TFAS Trustee Emeritus Mitch Daniels laments that good government gets plenty of lip service but no respect in piece for The Washington Post.

Elliot Kaufman, Rago ’18, opines in The Wall Street Journal on the NBA’s decision to kowtow to China after the Rocket’s general manager sent out a now-deleted tweet in support of Hong Kong protestors.

TFAS Board of Visitors member, The Honorable Edwin Meese, received the Medal of Freedom from President Trump on Tuesday.

Michael Brendan Dougherty, Novak ’09, writes for National Review about the NBA bending to China’s will earlier this week and warns that China’s free trade has certain conditions attached.

Ryan Lovelace, Novak ’17, joins John J. Miller’s podcast “Bookmonger” to discuss his new book “Search and Destroy.”

Jared Keller ’08, reports in Task & Purpose on President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria.

TFAS Board of Visitors member Ilya Shapiro appears on CBS News to discuss Supreme Court justices’ return to the bench this week for high-profile cases.

Jory Heckman ’11, PPF ’16, writes for the Federal News Network about the challenges facing federal chief data officers as they try to implement a culture of data-driven government.

Rodney Hughes ’04, ’05 has been named the director of the Center for the Future of Land Grant Education at West Virginia University.

Tony Gonzalez, Novak ’11, reports on local taxation concerns for Nashville Public Radio.

Stephanie Campbell ’09 is one of three founders of The Artemis Fund, a Houston-based venture capital firm focused on female-led companies.

Katrina (Heser) Feller ’09 finished law school this spring and is now an attorney with the firm Moore, Cockrell, Goicoechea & Johnson, P.C. in Montana.

TFAS Regent Emeritus Dr. Lee Edwards is featured in FOX 5 DC’s “On The Hill” podcast to discuss the impact of age on politics.

Hadley Smithhisler ’19 and her summer with TFAS are featured by her home university, Monmouth College.

Matthew Walther, Novak ’16, writes about the history of treason in the United States in The Week.

Curt Mills, Novak ’18, opines on the “revenge tour” of former national security adviser John Bolton for The American Conservative.

Tim Alberta, Novak ’18, appears on CBS News to discuss his Politico article on impeachment and a broken Congress.

TFAS Trustee Juanita Duggan, CEO of NFIB, says tax cuts are working for America’s small businesses in piece for Fox Business.

High School program participant Jackson Long ’19 shares his experience with the Economics for Leaders Program in a feature for his high school, Brother Martin.

Rym Momtaz ’05, ’07 writes about U.S. / Iran negotiations in Politico.

Matthew Continetti, Novak ’08, discusses Reagan’s relationship with populism and the state of Reaganism today in podcast conversation with The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute.

Haley Britzky ’16 writes about one special ops deployment that resulted in 21 Purple Hearts, 7 Bronze Stars, and 5 Silver Stars for combat heroism in piece for Task & Purpose.


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