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Liberty + Leadership News: October 7


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TFAS Programs Teach Students Forgotten Free-Market Economics Principles

FTE 2021 students attend program at Southern Methodist University.

TFAS high school division, the Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE) was featured in The College Fix this week for its successful programs that teach market economics and the benefits of economic freedom to high school students.

“The main goals for our programs is to give students the knowledge to understand the economic concepts shaping the global economy and foster their commitment to continued learning about economics and leadership,” said Becky Wilson, student admissions and program operations manager to The College Fix.

TFAS welcomed a record-breaking 928 students at 19 in-person and six virtual week-long programs at college and university campuses across the country during the summer 2022 programs.

Students leave with a “renewed appreciation for the free enterprise system and the U.S. Constitution,” said TFAS COO and Executive Vice President Steve Slattery.

TFAS reaches more than the students. The programs also go directly to the source by providing seminars, curriculum outlines and lesson plans for high school teachers. These cover a variety of topics, including entrepreneurship and environmental economics, to social studies, history and economics teachers, who can use these skills to improve their curriculum back home.

Read more about this year’s Foundation for Teaching Economics Program on The College Fix.


Liberty + Leadership Podcast

Abby Witt ’15

Abby Witt is a content producer and host for the PGA TOUR’s “The Cut” on NBC Sports’ Golf Channel.

In this episode of the Liberty and Leadership Podcast, Roger and Abby discuss her path from anchoring Asbury University’s television news station to working the midnight shift as an associate producer at local NBC network affiliate WLEX-TV in Kentucky to covering golf’s Olympic debut at the 2016 Games. Today, she interviews PGA’s biggest hitters as host of the “The Cut.” Abby participated in TFAS’s Journalism and Communications class of 2015 and is a graduate of Asbury University, where she was honored as one of Asbury’s 30 Under 30 in 2021.

Katie Barlow ’10

Katie Barlow is a lawyer turned journalist who hosts “In the Courts with Katie Barlow” on Fox 5 DC in addition to producing content for the SCOTUSblog’s 217K avid TikTok followers as Social Media Editor. Katie is also the co-founder of Circuit Breaker, a website focused on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

In this episode of the Liberty and Leadership Podcast, Roger and Katie discuss her journey from journalist to lawyer back to journalist, the inner workings of the Supreme Court, what Originalism means, the importance of good writing, and her love for the theater. Katie was a member of TFAS’s Journalism and Communications 2010 program and is a graduate of the University of Georgia. She has a J.D. from Georgetown University.



Elise Amez-Droz, PPF ’19, published two pieces on market economic solutions to healthcare policy this week: A co-authored article for STAT proposing a better use of health savings accounts and her first op-ed placed in The Wall Street Journal on the bipartisan bill, “Modernization Act 2.0 to End Animal Testing Mandates.”

Carine Hajjar, Rago ’22, was interviewed by Neal Cavuto on Fox Business about the immigration crisis.

Bill Wirtz ’17 wrote an article for The Hill about King Charles’ troubling views on modern farming and how his views might impact policy.

Alexandra Seymour, PPF ’18, co-authors a piece for The Hill about Silicon Nation promoting resilience for American defense, society and the economy.

Matthew Continetti, Novak ’08, wrote about the latest round of citizen protests against the Iranian theocracy for The Washington Free Beacon.

Sarah Meirose ’13 started a new position as manager for public affairs and communications for Tallgrass Energy.

Carrie Sheffield ’06, Novak ’06, discussed the “marriage tax” and how the social welfare structure hurts the poor on Fox Business.

Bridget Chavez ’11 started a new position as a reporter for KIRO 7 in Seattle, WA.

Dylan Reed ’12 started a new position as a senior advisor, external affairs, grid development office for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Calvin Blaylock, PPF ’20, joined the Emerging Leaders Council with The Steamboat Institute, the fellowship program of Passages Israel and the Constitutional Fellows Program with The American Conservative.

Katie Barlow ’10 spoke with Shannon Bream during her show, In The Courts about what to expect as the Supreme Court begins its new term.

Mujahed Aghbar ’21 started a new position as a Policy Fellow at Global Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Association.

Anne Bradley wrote an article for the Acton Institute about why the “inflation reduction act” won’t actually reduce inflation.

David Delgado ’20 co-founded Espacio EDUCA, a social venture that provides access to technology for teenagers in Petare, Venezuela.

Joshua Gonzalez ’20 is a founding partner for Ibero Strategies, a political consulting startup focused on helping Republicans target messaging for Hispanic communities.

Vanessa Scott ’18 started a new position as a legislative assistant for Rep. Mayra Flores (TX-34).

Frederico Bartels, PPF ’18, started a new position as a consultant for Pantheon Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Brad Polumbo, Novak ’22, wrote about his journey to become a “principled messenger for liberty” while at FEE.

Jordan Smith ’21 wrote an article for America’s Future about the huge gap in America’s secondary social science curriculum.

Kurt Couchman ’02, PPF ’07, wrote an article for Real Clear Policy about how government shutdowns have always been a mistake.

Faith Bottum, Rago ’22, wrote an article for The Wall Street Journal about the Colorado Senate race and the candidates’ “racing to the middle” to win.

Stephanie Slade, Novak ’16, and Jack Butler, Novak ’22, were interviewed on the Acton Institute podcast about the NatCon3 conference.


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