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Newest Legacy Society Member Supports TFAS While Gaining Increased Financial Security


While the world slowly recovers from the COVID-19 outbreak, our economic future looks uncertain as we assess the damage the pandemic and shutdowns have inflicted on our economy. Many TFAS supporters want to continue to help our critical work, but not at the expense of their financial security.

Fortunately, donors have many options to support TFAS while maintaining their current financial status and creating new streams of revenue. One of TFAS’s newest supporters recently took advantage of these options.

This individual, who wishes to remain anonymous, became the newest member of TFAS’s Legacy Society by donating his home as a planned gift to TFAS.

Valued at over $1.4 million, the property is a great future asset to TFAS. In return, this supporter retains the ability to live in his home, and he draws income from TFAS in the form of a charitable gift annuity. The supporter also received a significant income tax deduction upon making the gift.

This generous supporter is a university professor who teaches at a major university. Longtime friend and former TFAS Regent Fred Fransen introduced us to the professor. Fransen is the founder and operator of Donor Advising, a concierge service to help donors make the best use of their philanthropic ventures.

This professor wanted to ensure that he was able to have a lasting impact in promoting and defending the values of liberty and free enterprise. He is a lifelong learner and determined many years ago that he believes conservative values are key to both his own and our country’s success.

He specifically wanted to make certain that his investment in an organization would connect his passionate belief in Constitutional principles with his interest in the media and educating students. TFAS was clearly the place where he knew he could make a significant impact at the intersection of both of these passions.

In addition to his belief in economic and political liberty, this professor is an experienced world traveler and has visited most countries around the globe. His travels have included countries where he has witnessed the tragedy of life under a dictatorship, experiences which reaffirmed his belief in the crucial importance of liberty as enshrined in our Constitution.

This donation allows him to accomplish both of his goals: generating income that allows him to travel unencumbered every year while supporting an organization that educates courageous leaders inspired to advance the ideas of individual liberty, personal responsibility and economic freedom throughout the world.

TFAS is grateful to our new friend for his impactful donation to The Fund for American Studies and looks forward to continuing to defend and advance our shared belief in the importance of liberty and economic freedom.

If you would like to learn more about creative planned giving options and how to join the growing number of individuals who are ensuring the future of our country through sound personal financial planning, please contact Ed Turner at 202.986.0384 or eturner@TFAS.org and find out how you can be part of TFAS’s Legacy Society.


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