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Seeking Summer Speakers, Internship Hosts And Volunteers: Get Involved In TFAS Summer Programs In D.C. and Abroad


Think back to your days as a TFAS student. Would your experience be the same if you didn’t network with successful professionals or have a mentor to share their favorite local hot spots? Did you make connections following a Professional Development Seminar or lecture with guest speakers?

These interactions would not be possible without the help of our dedicated alumni volunteers. TFAS alumni play an integral role in enhancing the TFAS experience by sharing their time, talents and wisdom to give students the best summer possible.

We are so thankful to alumni who come back to support our students and programs. Do you want to get involved? Here are some of the ways you can make a difference this summer for the 2016 TFAS students.

Ways to Get Involved in the DCinternships Summer Programs:

Host an Intern
As you know, every year hundreds of students need the professional environments to gain real world experience. You can host an intern in your office, whether it is private sector, public sector or nonprofit. TFAS asks all D.C.-area alumni who work in a metro accessible location to consider hosting an intern. If you are interested in hosting an intern, contact U.S. Programs Director Joe Starrs at jstarrs@TFAS.org.

Participate in an Alumni Roundtable Discussion
Students need to know one thing for their future: how to get a job. You can give them advice about your own job search and insight from the professional world in D.C. During the dinner, you can also reminisce about fun TFAS memories and meet other alumni. To sign up, contact U.S. Programs Director Joe Starrs at jstarrs@TFAS.org.

Speak to TFAS Students About Your Area of Expertise
Look how far you’ve come! You’re a working professional with plenty of insight about your professional field. Students have a variety of interests, and can benefit from knowing more about your journey. To sign up, contact U.S. Programs Director Joe Starrs at jstarrs@TFAS.org.

Be a Small Group Host
Tell TFAS students about day-to-day life at your work place. Students can come to your office and see what your work environment is like. They will have a lot of questions about what you do (remember that?), and you can inform them and help them grow into polished professionals. To sign up, contact U.S. Programs Director Joe Starrs atjstarrs@TFAS.org.

Ways to Get Involved in the International Summer Programs:

Walter McCormick (ICPES 75) speaks with AIPE students following his lecture in 2014.

Volunteer for a TFAS International Alumni Panel
TFAS International Programs always host panels of alumni who can speak about their careers and give insight to current students. It’s especially helpful for international alumni to talk about how they leveraged their TFAS experience in certain regions or across cultures to become successful. In addition, you can suggest speakers and topics for TFAS panels. Contact alumni@TFAS.org for more information.

Meet with Students Going to TFAS Programs from Your Home Country
Remember how TFAS seemed so far away and you wondered what it would really be like? You can meet with students in your area who are going to TFAS programs and help them prepare. To find out more about other perspective TFAS students from your home country, contact alumni@TFAS.org.



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