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TFAS Alumni Books to Add to Your 2023 Reading List


Calling all book lovers! The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) is proud to showcase the following accomplished alumni who were recently published. All the books on the list were released in 2022 or are soon-to-be-released in 2023, showcasing the work of TFAS alumni who have made a mark in the literary world with their exceptional writing. 

Not only is the list a great way to discover new authors, but it also highlights the success of TFAS alumni. These works offer a diverse range of genres including fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, and more – catering to all types of readers. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge on the significance of geoeconomics or need a starting point to have a conversation about mental health with your children, TFAS alumni have you covered. 

2023 Releases:


Limitless: The Federal Reserve Takes on a New Age of Crisis

In Limitless, Jeanna Smialek ’11 explains the inner workings of the modern Federal Reserve at a pivotal juncture in history and how it effects Americans. Available February 28, 2023. 

I Love you more than cereal: Maeva and Dad Redefine Love

Alexis Black ’17, ’19 and Justin Black’s ’18, ’19 children’s book, I Love You More Than Cereal shares the journey of Maeva and her dad as they discover the true meaning of love. Available April 2, 2023. Hear Alexis and Justin on the Liberty + Leadership Podcast here. 

You Can’t Joke About That: Why Everything Is Funny, Nothing Is Sacred, and We’re All in This Together

Kat Timpf, Novak ’12, shows why much of the way we talk about sensitive subjects is wrong in You Can’t Joke About That. Available April 18, 2023.

The Soul of Civility: Timeless Principles to Heal Society and Ourselves

Alexandra Hudson, Novak ’19, offers insight on how civility can help bridge our political divide in The Soul of Civility. Available October 10, 2023. 

2022 Releases:



Mary Robb Wilson’s ’03 first children’s book, Soulshine acts as a starting point for discussions between parents and their children about what it means to have a soul, by peeling back our layers of self just like unstacking a nesting doll: body, thoughts, feelings… and the innermost layer, the soul. Soulshine utilizes translucent pages to involve the reader in this tactile process, looking to the vast beauty of nature to expand upon these ideas. 

Be Bold: How a Marine Corps Hero Broke Barriers for Women at War

In Tom Sileo’s, Novak ’10, fifth novel Be Bold he tells the inspiring story of Megan McClung, the first female United States Naval Academy graduate who was killed during the Iraq War and how she overcame various obstacles, made the ultimate sacrifice and paved the path for a new era of women in combat.

2022: The Geoeconomic Roundabout: How We Entered the First Global Economic War

Antonia Colibasanu’s ’03, ’07 2022: The Geoeconomic Roundabout shares how geoeconomics is a useful framework for comprehending how the global economy is reshaped by major geopolitical events. In this volume, Colibasanu provides a timeline for how that happens. She takes us back to 2021 to understand the events of 2022 through her analysis, while adding some personal notes for context. All in all, this is the 2022 diary of geoeconomics. 

Tranquility by Tuesday: 9 Ways to Calm the Chaos and Make Time for What Matters

In her 10th and latest book, Laura Vanderkam’s ’99, Novak ’06, Tranquility by Tuesday offers nine methods on how to make time for what matters while still accomplishing daily and unforeseen responsibilities. 

Behind the Swap: The Broken Infrastructure of Risk Management and a Framework for a Better Approach

Andrew DeJoy’s ’17Behind the Swap explores the risks associated with post-trade processing in the swaps and derivative markets while offering ways to effectively control those risks.

Becoming a Public Interest Lawyer

In Nicole Hallett’s ’01 Becoming a Public Interest Lawyer, she shares a guide, based off her own life experiences, to recently-graduated law students who want a career in public interest law. This guide provides a wide array of advice to students on selecting a law school, surviving their first year, building a solid resume, looking for a job and handling student debt.

Political Agency and the Medicalisation of Negative Emotions

Dan Degerman ’11 analyzes four case studies of emotional politics while examining how negative emotions like rage, fear and grief can serve as powerful motivators for political action in Political Agency and the Medicalisation of Negative Emotions.

More Than Words: Turn #MeToo into #ISaidSomething

Kirsten Anderson ’99 shares her personal experience More Than Words by outlining the challenges that victims of harassment experience. Anderson hopes to inform readers and support victims as they step forward and spark change in unhealthy workplaces in an effort to eliminate harassment.

Tweeting Brexit: Social Media and the Aftermath of the EU Referendum

In Maja Simunjak’s ’09 Tweeting Brexit, she examines the role that Twitter played in political communications to construct, negotiate and challenge Brexit narratives when the UK prepared to leave the European Union.

The Right: The Hundred-Year War for American Conservatism

Matthew Continetti’s, Novak ’08, The Right shares a sweeping account of the conservative movement from the Progressive Era through the present.

Easy Crafts for the Insane: A Mostly Funny Memoir of Mental Illness and Making Things

Kelly Williams Brown ’05 shares how her coping mechanisms of crafting helped her get through some of her toughest days in Easy Crafts for the Insane.

Rethinking Sex: A Provocation

Christine Emba’s, Novak ’18, Rethinking Sex discusses how cultural, historical and psychological influences have distorted our perception of sex, what is acceptable and what is deemed “safe.”

Our Mom, Our Superhero – A Mental Health Journey: Based on a True Story

Based on her own experiences, Nicole Jain’s ’08 Our Mom, Our Superhero shares the story of siblings dealing with societal stigma, while seeking treatment with their mother’s mental health challenges. Listen to Nicole on the Liberty + Leadership Podcast here. 

TFAS is honored to have more than 200 alumni authors who strive to make an impact through their remarkable storytelling and serve as an inspiration to the students in our programs. If you or an alumni who you know has a recent or upcoming publication, let us know at alumni@TFAS.org.

Join us next month for an alumni webinar featuring Laura Vanderkam ’06 who will discuss her latest book, Tranquility by Tuesday. For more information and to register, visit alumni.TFAS.org.  


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