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TFAS Announces Curriculum Of Liberty Seminars


Liberty Fund logoTFAS alumni are eligible to participate in invitation-only Curriculum of Liberty Seminars. Sponsored by TFAS in partnership with the Liberty Fund, Inc., the four discussion-based conferences will be held over the next year in various locations around the United States.

Based in Indianapolis, Liberty Fund, Inc. is a private educational foundation established to encourage the study of the ideal of a society of free and responsible individuals. The organization sponsors over 150 conferences a year throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America and Europe.

The Curriculum of Liberty Seminars will follow the Liberty Fund conference model, which is a Socratic-style discussion facilitated by a leader and based on issues raised by a set of prescribed readings.

Each seminar will host 16 to 20 participants from diverse backgrounds. TFAS Charles G. Koch Senior Fellow Jim Otteson will serve as academic director for these seminars.

“This is a great opportunity for TFAS alumni. Liberty Fund conferences are highly regarded and participation is selective,” said Alumni Affairs Director Emily Hill (P 05). “The overall goal of the conferences is in line with the TFAS mission: to further educate alumni through thoughtful academic discussion.”

The four seminars will focus on a variety of topics centered on liberty. Each conference will be geared toward a special group of TFAS alumni, including undergraduate students, graduate students, working journalists and professionals in the nonprofit sector.

The first seminar “Liberty from Locke to Hayek” is planned for September 2011 and will primarily be for TFAS alumni who are advanced undergraduate students or current graduate students.

“Liberty and Responsibility in the Media” is the second seminar and is scheduled for early 2012. This seminar will bring together working journalists to study the role of the press in a free society. It will serve as a featured part of the new TFAS Leadership Fellows in Journalism program.

Also in 2012, select alumni working in the nonprofit sector will be invited to take part in “Philanthropy and Liberty.” This seminar will examine the obligations individuals have to one another in a free society.

The final seminar is “Liberty and Equality” and it will be held in conjunction with the TFAS Freedom Scholars program. This conference will expose undergraduate students to views that they may not otherwise study.

While participation in these seminars is invitation-only, let us know if you are interested in participating by emailing alumni@TFAS.org.



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