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TFAS Launches 50th Anniversary Campaign



$25 Million Campaign to Engage and Energize a Leadership Force Advancing the Cause of Liberty for Decades to Come

Liberty and free enterprise are threatened today as never before. An ever-growing state and a dangerous cultural divide put at risk the American experiment in liberty. The ideas and institutions that produced the space for Americans to invent, innovate, invest, create and build the greatest and most prosperous nation in human history are under assault.

Dr. Nikolai Wenzel begins a lesson on the functions and benefits of a free-market economy.

Our challenge today, if we want our Republic to survive, is to renew the unifying principles that define us as Americans. People from all walks of life need to come together and re-embrace the principles that animated the American founding.

The TFAS Journey provides the answer to our challenge. Students from diverse backgrounds come together to discuss ideas, debate the proper role of government, find common ground and reach a common understanding. Challenging the progressive orthodoxy found in high schools and universities around the country, students taking part in The TFAS Journey learn about the importance of our founding principles, liberty, free markets and honorable leadership. Coming face-to-face with leaders in politics, public policy and business, and partnering with mentors who serve as role models, gives students real-world experience that enhances their career advancement.   

Mary Elizabeth Taylor (IBGA 10), who currently serves as special assistant to the president in the Office of Legislative Affairs, talks about her TFAS Journey – from a college student in one of our D.C. summer institutes to a young professional in our Public Policy Fellows program.

The TFAS Journey doesn’t end there. Students move into careers as part of the engaged and active TFAS Alumni Network, ready to make a difference in the world by advancing liberty and free enterprise, promoting justice and providing leadership for the future.  

The TFAS Journey has been transforming the lives of students and developing leaders for a free society for the last 50 years. But we have an even bigger vision for the future.  

Our vision is to help thousands more young people experience The TFAS Journey. To accomplish this, we are pleased to announce the TFAS 50th Anniversary Liberty + Leadership Campaign.

Through a strategic analysis, we have identified five initiatives that will allow us to expand on our impact in the future. Starting in high school, we will combat economic ignorance by providing an immersive experience and ongoing support to students and teachers focused on economic literacy. Through our new Leadership Scholars Program, we will attract the most outstanding college students around the country by providing full-tuition scholarships. We will expand and enrich our programs to ensure that students leave our programs prepared to defend and champion the principles of liberty, free markets and the American founding in their careers and spheres of influence. We will engage our alumni by expanding our alumni relations office as well as offering career placement services, ensuring alumni secure jobs where they can make a difference as honorable leaders advancing liberty and free-market economics. Finally, the campaign will sustain our critical work by providing resources to ensure our other vital efforts continue.

These initiatives represent $30 million in investment opportunities and we are committed to raising at least $25 million of that over the next two years. Through the hard work of our Campaign Leadership Committee and generous supporters, we have already secured commitments of more than $9 million toward this important mission. We especially thank our longtime partner, the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation, for investing $1.5 million in our Liberty +  Leadership Campaign, as well as another longstanding ally for investing $1 million toward this effort.

It is imperative that rising generations of students understand and hold in highest regard the principles of liberty and free markets, principles that will make the critical difference in the choices they make as leaders in the future. Choices that will ultimately determine the path forward for our country.

Join with us today and make a renewed commitment to educating the rising generation in the importance of liberty and leadership.  

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