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TFAS Offers Exclusive Free Resources on Liberty + Leadership in New Online Library


The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) is dedicated to its mission of changing the world by developing leaders for a free society. Each summer and semester, TFAS offers academic programs, fellowships, seminars, and online resources to equip rising generations with the understanding of the values of America’s founding principles.

Now, TFAS is taking it a step further to offer supporters and friends an array of free resources authored by TFAS professors, speakers, supporters, and alumni so more audiences can experience a TFAS education firsthand.

TFAS is excited to share these free resources, now available on our newly-launched platform, TeachingFreedom.org. Experience this new online library, which will equip you with information to help you become an even more courageous champion of liberty and free enterprise, just as our students do through our programs. Today, more than 26,000 people have already accessed resources on topics of liberty, democracy, and free-market economics through this website.

In the webinar “What is Democratic Socialism?” learn from TFAS Academic Director Dr. Anne Bradley as she discusses how democratic socialism is a made-up buzzword designed to hide the real horrors of socialism. You’ll also learn why Bradley believes we need to do more to educate younger Americans on the reality of socialism and how TFAS is fighting back.

In our eBook library, read two incredible survivors’ stories about how socialism destroyed their country’s once-thriving economy and the clear warning for Americans being peddled the same promises. Jorge Galicia and Andrés Guilarte provide very personal, riveting accounts of the nightmare of Venezuela today in “Lessons from Venezuela” Volumes 1 and 2.

TFAS professor David Azerrad‘s eBook, “Marx and the False Communist Promise,” explores how so many young people are deceived by the false promises made by Karl Marx and why socialism is so dangerous to the freedom and liberty of the United States of America.

Dive deep into the truth about socialism in “Lessons from Sweden” with author, lecturer, and documentary filmmaker Johan Norberg. Norberg unveils what politicians don’t want you to know about Sweden’s failed experiment and the lessons to be learned.

In 2021, TFAS will continue to release new webinars, eBooks and countless new resources. Stay tuned to be the first to access your free guides on TeachingFreedom.org.


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