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TFAS Supporters Raise Scholarship Funds for Ukrainian Students


The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) is dedicated to providing transformative programs worldwide for young leaders committed to the values of a democratic free society. Russia’s invasion poses an ongoing threat to Ukraine’s freedom, yet we see those facing down a war stand up and fight for the ability to live freely. They remind the world that the desire for freedom remains strong, and education is needed to reinforce that.

Because of this, gracious TFAS alumni and supporters have raised scholarship funds for Ukrainian students to attend a summer program. Through these programs, students will have the opportunity to learn the principles of courageous leadership, the importance of economic freedom, and to bring the ideas of liberty to life.

With the support of our donors, nine Ukrainian students received scholarships to attend TFAS programs this summer. More than 125 alumni and supporters banded together to raise more than $55,000 thus far, ensuring that future Ukrainian students can benefit from TFAS programs as well.

TFAS President Roger Ream ’76 expressed gratitude on behalf of TFAS for the selfless support and generosity of the alumni and supporters who jumped at the opportunity to lend a helping hand to the next generation of leaders.

“The overwhelming outpouring of support is a testament to TFAS’s alumni and donor community,” Ream said. “TFAS is grateful for each and every person who came forward to help us fund the scholarships for these courageous students.”

Six young leaders from Ukraine will attend TFAS Prague for a three-week academic program. These students will explore fundamental issues related to political philosophy, political economy and conflict management at one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious universities, Charles University.

One scholarship recipient will attend the European Journalism Institute (EJI) in Prague for a week-long program co-sponsored by TFAS and The Media Project (TMP). This student will have the opportunity to expand their understanding of religion in public life, explore fundamental issues related to journalism ethics and boost their reporting skills.

Two Ukrainian students will participate in the TFAS D.C. Academic Internship Program this summer. One student will participate in the Business + Government Relations program track, where they will examine free-market economics and public policy in courses taught at George Mason University. The second student will participate in the Public Policy + Economics program track, where they will focus on the role of economics in the context of policymaking and learn how to apply economic thinking and analysis to a variety of public policy issues. Both students will also gain real-world experience through their internships during this eight-week academic program.

These brave students provide a glimpse of into the strength and tenacity of all Ukrainian citizens. The destruction Russia has caused to their country has not dimmed their desire for political sovereignty, but has instead spurred them to action to achieve their goals. TFAS looks forward to welcoming these courageous young leaders this summer.

TFAS is grateful for the supporters who continue to help the critical work of educating future generations on the importance of a free society. Thanks to the generous donations to TFAS programs, students worldwide can have invaluable transformative experiences making personal and professional connections while instilling shared beliefs in the importance of liberty.


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