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Thank You Alumni Donors: TFAS On Track To Have Largest Year In Alumni Giving


As TFAS alumni, you know the life-changing impact of TFAS programs first hand. That’s why many of you decide to generously give back to TFAS programs. Through your support, we can bring more deserving students to Washington, D.C., Prague, Hong Kong and Chile to experience the summer or semester of a lifetime.

P.S. – Thanks to the alumni supporters below, we are on track to have our largest year in alumni giving yet. Our 2015 students need your support. To give back and join the alumni below, visit www.TFAS.org/GiveBack.

Thank you to the following alumni for their generous support from 1/1/2014 – 6/30/2014:

Charles Abernathy (ICPES 80)

Beckett (ICPES 94)

Richard Bejtlich (ICPES 93)

Clint Bolick (ICPES 78)

Dennis Bowden (ICPES 80)

Sara Bowden (ICPES 80)

Steven Brunson (IBGA 10)

Elizabeth Bryant (IBGA 05)

Kristen Cambell (IPJ 03, EJI 04)

Anthony Carroll (ICPES 97)

Vincent Cavallari (ICPES 95)

Jonathan Cody (ICPES, 90)

Eric Cohen (IPJ 96, AIPES 97)

David Cuzzi (IBGA 95)

Kerri DiNarda (IPJ 06)

Frank Donatelli (ICPES 70)

Shengbao Dong (ICPES 11, AIPE 12)

Gary Epping (ICPES 84)

Dara Fennell (IPJ 09)

William Flatt (AIPES 96)

Eric Fox (ICPES 86)

Derrick Francis (ICPES 09)

Joaquin Gallardo (ILA 09)

Justin Gombos (IPJ 99)

Jonathan Goossen (IBGA 03)

Mark Grabowski (IPJ 97)

Ronald Hart (ICPES 81)

Cecily Hastings (ICPES 05)

Stephen Hayes (AIPES 94)

John Hecker (ICPES 71)

Steven Hemmat (ICPES 81)

Andrea Huels (ICPES 86)

Lindsey Rose Hurlbut (IBGA 06)

Hidenori Iwasaki (ICPES 97)

Kevin Kellems (IPJ 86)

Eileen Kenny (ICPES 79)

Andrea Kirk Assaf (IIPES 99)

Kenneth Klatt (ICPES 70)

Richard Kolostian (ICPES 88)

Rasma Kraulis (ICPES 87)

Davor Kunc (AIPES 02, IIPES 04,

Chad LaTour (IBGA 94)

Michelle Le (IPJ 95, AIPES 96)

John Lee (ICPES 85)

Aaron Lewis (IPJ 93, IIPES 96)

Rosanne Lienhard Plante (IPJ 92,

Ieva Linzena (AIPES 97)

Vlad Malamud (IBGA 05)

Lisa Mauer (ICPES 80)

Joseph Maxwell (IPVS 11)

Marcia McAllister (ICPES 72)

David McCabe (ICPES 77)

Milena McConchie (AIPES 95)

Dan McConchie (IPJ 93, AIPES 95)

Walter McCormick (ICPES 75)

Rachel McDonald (ICPES 83)

Amy McMahon (IPJ 07)

Peter Mehlhaff (ICPES 78)

Kimberly Meltzer Weisman (IPJ 96)

Madonna Merritt (ICPES 79)

Karen Navoy (ICPES 72)

Ann Ngo (ICPES 90)

Amanda Nicol (ICPES 10)

Molly Nixon-Graf (ICPES 03)

Richard Oakley (ICPES 84)

Frederick Olk (ICPES 73)

  1. Ong (ICPES 70)

Alexander Panosian (AIPE 09)

Lindsey Parke (IBGA 05)

Hubert Pawlak (AIPES 05, ICPES 06)

Alexander Pipas (CSS 07)

Andrew Powaleny (IPJ 08)

Paul Pugh (ICPES 73)

Jack Quinn (IPJ 86, ICPES 87)

Diana Rabeh (ICPES 03)

Roger Ream (ICPES 76)

Brenda Ricks (ICPES 72)

David Robertson (ICPES 75)

Courtney Rohrbach (IPVS 05)

Mary Ross (ICPES 72)

Kyle Rowe (IBGA 11)

Guy Russ (IBGA 94)

David Satterfield (IBGA 05)

Jesse Schaefer (IPVS 10)

Mark Schoeff (IPJ 89)

Daniel Sepion (IPJ 99)

James Sessoms (ICPES 76)

Carrie Sheffield (EJI 06)

Keith Sias (ICPES 85)

Jacek Spendel (AIPES 08, CSF 09)

Kathryn Stanko (ICPES 72)

Toby Stock (IBGA 98)

Mark Stricherz (IPJ 92)

Maureen Suda (IBGA 90)

Alissa Swango (IPJ 00, IIPES 02)

Eric Tanenblatt (ICPES 87)

Townsend Teague (IBGA 04)

Randal Teague (IBGA 99, IIPES 01)

Michael Thompson (ICPES 89, AIPES 93)

Judith Thorburn (ICPES 70)

Nicole Tieman (IPJ 09)

Altin Tirana (IPJ 99)

William Tomlinson (IPJ 97)

Laura Vanderkam (IPJ 99)

Kirby Wilbur (ICPES 73)

Chris Wilson (ICPES 90)

Kevin Wilson (AIPES 97)

Karen Young (ICPES 84)

Tomasz Zacharski (AIPES 06, ICPES 07)



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