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Thank You Alumni Supporters: Alumni Raise more than $31K for Student Scholarships


In 2016, TFAS alumni have raised more than $31,000 so far to support TFAS student scholarships. Thank you alumni for your generous support of our TFAS programs and our students. It’s because of alumni like you that students can have the true TFAS experience. Thank you for your continued support and for giving the gift of TFAS to a future generation of leaders.

Thank you to the following alumni for their generous support from 1/1/2016 – 6/31/2016. If we’ve inadvertently missed you, please let us know by emailing alumni@TFAS.org.


Kenneth Klatt (ICPES 70)

Britt Beemer (ICPES 71)

David Nolan (ICPES 71)

Marcia McAllister (ICPES 72)

Mary Ross (ICPES 72)

William Collins (ICPES 74)

Jessica Teague (ICPES 75)

Melissa Johnson (ICPES 76)

Roger Ream (ICPES 76)

Peter Mehlhaff (ICPES 78)

Lawrence Weitzner (ICPES 78

Madonna Merritt (ICPES 79)


Charles Abernathy (ICPES 80)

Steven Hemmat (ICPES 81)

Robert Tudor (ICPES 81)

Kathleen Sinnott (ICPES 82)

Davis Turner (ICPES 82)

Rachel McDonald (ICPES 83)

Paul McDonough (ICPES 84)

Vern McKinley (ICPES 84)

Keith Sias (ICPES 85)

Eric Fox (ICPES 86

Rasma Kraulis (ICPES 87)

James Gleason (ICPES 88)

Stuart Colburn (ICPES 89)

Michael Thompson
(ICPES 89, AIPES 93)


Ann Ngo (ICPES 90)

Caroline Decker (IBGA 92)

Rosanne Plante (IPJ 92, AIPES 93)

Traci Leonardo (IPJ 93)

Aaron Lewis (IPJ 93, IIPES 96)

Dan McConchie (IPJ 93, AIPES 95)

Chad LaTour (IBGA 94)

David Cuzzi (IBGA 95)

Milena McConchie (AIPES 95)

Hidenori Iwasaki (ICPES 97)

Kevin Wilson (AIPES 97)

Teressa Martin-Wong (ICPES 98)

Joseph Whitehead (IIPES 98)

Daniel Sepion (IPJ 99)

Randal Teague (IBGA 99, IIPES 01)

Altin Tirana (IPJ 99)

Laura Vanderkam (IPJ 99)


Alissa Swango (IPJ 00, IIPES 02)

Lawrence Hamtil (ICPES 02)

Ondrej Socuvka (AIPES 02, CSS 04)

Hicks Winters (IBGA 02)

Molly Nixon (ICPES 03)

Ann Talley (ICPES 03)

Brett Talley (ICPES 03

Tristan Breedlove (CSS 04)

Marton Eorsi (AIPES 04, CSS 06)

Lindsey Parke (IBGA 05)

Kerri DiNarda (IPJ 06)

Ghassan Yacoub (IIPES 06, ICPES 07)

Cristina Holman (AIPES 07)

Cosmin Popa (IIPES 07, CSS 08)

Elena-Alina Rapotan (AIPES 07)

Tatjana Slijepcevic (IIPES 07, AIPES 08)

Elizabeth Stevulak (ICPES 07)

James Teague (AIPE 07, IBGA 08)

Shant Boyajian (LSI 08)

Andrew Powaleny (IPJ 08)

Erek Nimphius (ICPES 09)

Alex Panosian (AIPE 09)


Thomas Chandler (AIPES 10)

Amanda Nicol (ICPES 10)

Kyle Rowe (IBGA 11)

Ethan Easterwood (IBGA 13)

Maria Wer (IEIA 14)

Afua Korankye-Adjei (IEIA 15)

Justin Lowe (IBGA 15)


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