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The People Behind the Programs: Dee Goines


TFAS high school programs division, the Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE), introduces young individuals to an economic way of thinking about national and international issues. FTE also promotes excellence in economic education by helping teachers of economics become more effective educators. This mission would not be possible without the dedicated professors, mentor teachers and leadership facilitators who devote their time and energy to leading these engaging and innovative programs.

FTE is known nationally for its emphasis on active learning and the engaging activities and lessons used to teach economics. Our faculty members are high-energy individuals who breathe life into the programs they facilitate, making each program unforgettable for students and teachers alike. Their passion for teaching economics and leadership skills shines through each interaction they have with the participants, leading to lifelong lessons and lasting change in the lives of thousands of students and teachers each year.

Longtime FTE leadership facilitator Dee Goines is one of the dedicated individuals who make economics memorable for hundreds of young leaders each year. Learn more about Goines below.

One of FTE’s most popular summer programs for students is Economics for Leaders (EFL). Dee Goines has led the leadership activities at these programs since 2005. In this role, he is able to connect with students from all over the world and teach them about honorable leadership and critical thinking.

The leadership topics at EFL are taught in the context of the Leadership Pyramid Matrix, which is used in university leadership courses. The matrix’s primary goals are to improve participants’ ability to work, to lead teams, and to connect responsible leadership and the economic way of thinking.

The matrix has three elements: personal, relational and contextual leadership. The personal leadership domain helps students prepare and project who they are; the relational leadership domain helps students demonstrate their concerns and understanding; and the contextual leadership domain helps students clarify who they are and how they work together.

Goines understands the power of a well-rounded education, which is why he likes the Leadership Pyramid Matrix. Its dynamic and comprehensive structure provides a strong foundation for lessons in leadership. This fundamental knowledge is vital for teens.

Learning about leadership is important for young people because it prepares them to step up in critical moments. Learning leadership principles now positions participants to be able to speak to their own leadership skills later.” – Dee Goines

Goines’ favorite part of his job is seeing how transformative the programs are for each student that attends. He especially loves teaching the Behavioral Styles activity, which helps students identify their own styles of leadership and understand how they respond to other types of leadership.

Dee Goines and his good friend and colleague, FTE professor Jamie Wagner.

“Learning about leadership is important for young people because it prepares them to step up in critical moments,” Goines says. “Learning leadership principles now positions participants to be able to speak to their own leadership skills later.”

Working with FTE is more than just a job for Goines – its impact has carried over into other aspects of his life. He pinpoints the relationships, knowledge and understanding he has gained through this job as key facets of the indispensability of the program.

“I have learned the meaning of lifelong friendships,” Goines explained. “I have also learned more about economics over the last few years than most people learn in a lifetime. Both have been extremely valuable in my life.”


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