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Watch: TFAS Video Explains How Economic Freedom is the Secret to Ending Poverty


In May, TFAS released a short video, the third in its acclaimed series of online videos on economic freedom. The video, released on YouTube, is titled, “How Nations Succeed: What’s the Secret to Ending Poverty?”

The video is narrated by Dr. Michael Cox, one of the nation’s leading experts on free-market economics. In the video, Cox compares the America of today with the America of 100 years ago, pointing out that even the poorest among us are now living infinitely better lives than the richest people a century ago. According to Cox, this progress can be explained with one word: markets.

“Our progress wasn’t by choice, and it wasn’t because of government policy,” Cox explains in the film. “Indeed much of our progress has come despite government policies, which more often than not punish success and regulate markets.”

The video comes on the heels of two other well-received web videos that were also produced by TFAS. According to president Roger Ream, these videos allow TFAS to move beyond the classroom, reaching as many people as possible with its lessons on economic principles.

“So many people today condemn capitalism and business,” said Ream. “In our work teaching economics, we find that many of our students are surprised to learn how different our world would be without free markets. This is why we feel it’s important to teach people about how markets have improved our lives and provided opportunities for human flourishing.”

The video has been featured on a variety of websites, including the American Enterprise InstituteReason.com, the Heritage Foundation’s “The Foundry” blog, the Acton Institute blogPileus Blog and Café Hayek. Check out the video and tips on how you can help preserve freedom at TFASorg/HowNationsSucceed.


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