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Capital Semester Programs


TFAS Capital Semester Programs invite outstanding students from across the country and around the world to spend a semester in the nation’s capital. Our academic internship programs are available each fall and spring semester, offering campus leaders a comprehensive experience that combines academic courses for credit, internships, housing, site briefings, guest lectures, a professional development series and mentorship program.

The spring program focuses on International Affairs + Public Policy, and the fall offers a track on Leadership + the American Presidency.




Capital Semester Programs offer twelve credit hours of intensive academic courses that are designed to complement students’ D.C. internship experience and leadership growth. Students in both spring and fall semesters study free-market global economics in a course on “International Economic Policy,” and participate in an internship seminar to study professional development and current events shaping today’s political and diplomatic landscape. In the Capital Semester on International Affairs + Public Policy, students also examine the American political tradition and founding principles of the United States through a course on “American Political Thought,” and Capital Semester on Leadership + the American Presidency students study leadership through historical lessons of the American presidency.



Capital Semester Programs students are placed in professional internships where they work for approximately 30 hours per week. Through their internships, students test themselves in their chosen professional fields, gain work experience, develop skills and make professional contacts. For decades, TFAS has forged relationships with leading organizations in public policy, journalism, government relations, business and philanthropy, ensuring students have access to the most challenging and fulfilling internships in Washington, D.C.


Students line up to meet with Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), following a lecture.


Capital Semester Programs give rising young leaders exclusive access to people and places that can broaden professional horizons, make vital career connections and share eye-opening insights and lessons. Students explore Washington’s powerful institutions at exclusive site briefings and gain firsthand knowledge from key professionals at networking events and guest lectures. In 2018, students heard from more than 100 guest speakers including top economists, journalists, policymakers, scholars and industry experts.

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