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Leadership + the American Presidency


The Leadership + the American Presidency program brings students who are passionate about making a difference through strong leadership to Washington, D.C., for an immersive look at lessons from the American presidency. TFAS partners with the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute to offer this unique D.C. Summer Program for our future leaders to define and strengthen their leadership skills.

Through hands-on simulations, case studies and creative teaching methods, students examine some of the greatest leadership challenges in the history of our country: from George Washington and the Revolutionary War, to JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis, to Ronald Reagan urging Secretary Gorbachev to “tear down this wall.” During the day, students intern at a variety of congressional offices, federal agencies, think tanks and policy groups.

This profound summer has definitely helped me understand where my passions lie. The internship experience, class, speakers, field events, networking opportunities and general Washington, D.C., life has made me a more developed professional – eager to go off on my own and see what kind of a difference I can make in this country!” – Melissa Coyle ’18

Special events and guest lecture components of the Leadership + the American Presidency program are tailored to complement the students’ real-world internship experience and course study:

  • Guest lectures led by top elected officials, business leaders and executives
  • Behind-the-scenes briefings at the CIA, State Department, Capitol Hill and embassies
  • Mentor program with working D.C. professionals
  • Small group discussions with nonprofit executives, members of Congress, Foreign Service Officers and policymakers

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