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Help Teach as Many People as Possible About the Threat of Socialism

Thank you for your answers to the Socialism in America Survey by The Fund for American Studies (TFAS). Your answers will be used to help guide our plans to combat the growing push for socialism in our country.

Before you go, would you consider one more thing today?

Political leaders like AOC and Bernie Sanders continue to point toward the Nordic countries as a model that should be adopted here in the United States. They like to call it “democratic socialism.”

And young people are eating it up. Many have been made to believe that it’s the best path to human flourishing, equality, and justice for all.

But as you acknowledged in your survey, that’s far from the truth. And socialism by any other name is just socialism.

You wouldn’t think that Americans need to be reminded about the reality of socialism. After all, it was only about 30 years ago that the Soviet Empire collapsed. But to be frank, the American education system has failed to pass these lessons on to rising generations.

That’s why it’s crucial to reach as many people as possible about the reality of socialism—and we must work fast.

The first step is to present people—especially young people—with the truth about socialism. Then, we have the opportunity to expand their understanding of limited government, free-market economics, and honorable leadership in America and around the world.

Our goal is to win over each new generation to the ideas of liberty, limited government, and free markets. But we can’t do that without the support of donors like you.

We have worked for more than 50 years in Washington D.C. to raise up future leaders who value America’s founding principles, and put them on a path to leadership in the industries of business, journalism, government and law.

But it’s clear that more must be done to stem the growing demands for socialism in our country. We are 100% donor-funded and refuse to take a single penny of government money.

This means people like you must assume the mantle of leadership to defend our country against those who seek to radically transform it.

Would you consider making a donation today to invest in this mission? When you do, here’s what you will accomplish today:

  • You’ll help distribute impactful eBooks and other resources on the true threat of socialism. For every $50 you can give, we get these resources into the hands of more than 1,000 people.
  • You’ll help expand our highly effective high school programs to reach more high school students and teachers every year with programs that teach core economic principles and leadership skills.
  • You’ll expand the number of future champions who share your values within our programs and put them on a path to leadership in the business, journalism, government or law industry.
  • You’ll help double the number of high school teachers who participate in our training programs. These teachers will impart key concepts of free-market economics and share our unique curriculum of “the economic way of thinking” to over 600,000 of their K-12 students over the next three years.

Your gift can make all of this happen!

If you believe that this is a worthy cause, then please join us today with a generous tax-deductible gift of whatever your means allow. When you do, you will enhance the ongoing work of The Fund for American Studies: reaching young people and teaching them about the ideas of liberty, free-market economics, and honorable leadership for generations to come.

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