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voices of COURAGEOUS TFAS Alumni Leaders

TFAS has reached more than 46,000 students and professionals through academic programs, fellowships and seminars. Representing more than 140 countries, TFAS alumni are courageous leaders throughout the world – forging careers in politics, government, public policy, business, philanthropy, law and the media.

Join TFAS President Roger Ream as he reconnects with these outstanding alumni to share experiences, swap career stories, and find out what makes their leadership journeys unique.

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Roger Ream

As president of TFAS for over 20 years, Roger's has been the stewardship of the ideas at the foundation of liberty. TFAS programs equip exceptional young people to become courageous leaders who understand the importance of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and economic freedom. TFAS programs encourage vigorous debate about the ideas and institutions that offer the greatest opportunity for human flourishing. TFAS prepares students with the knowledge, passion, and connections to become honorable leaders of courage and integrity.


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