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Thank you for requesting your copy of Spending My Money or Your Money: How the Incentives Change!

It should be arriving in your inbox momentarily.

Inside this eBook, you’ll learn about how incentives influence spending choices, how the government accumulated so much debt in the first place, and what can be done to solve these problems before it’s too late.

This book comes at a critical time. Right now, our national debt is rising at an alarming pace. And make no mistake: these debts will have to be paid back eventually.

That’s why it’s crucial to teach as many people as possible about the dangers of our nation’s debt and the exponential growth in government spending. There’s no time to waste. We must work fast.

The first step is to present people—especially young people—with the truth about our national debt and our government’s spending decisions. Then, we have the opportunity to expand their understanding of limited government, free-market economics, and honorable leadership in America and around the world.

Our goal is to win over each new generation to the ideas of liberty, limited government, and free markets. But we can’t do that without the support of people like you.

Would you consider supporting this educational effort today with a tax-deductible gift? If you say yes, here’s what you’ll be able to do:

  • You’ll help distribute this impactful eBook, Spending My Money or Your Money: How the Incentives Change. For every $50 you give, we can present this eBook to more than 1,000 people.
  • You’ll help expand our highly effective high school programs to reach more high school students and teachers every year with programs that teach core economic principles and leadership skills.
  • You’ll help create a scholarship endowment to ensure that we never have to turn away deserving students interested in attending our programs.
  • You’ll help double the number of high school teachers who participate in our programs from 1,000 to 2,000. These teachers will impart key concepts of free-market economics and share our unique curriculum of “the economic way of thinking” to over 600,000 young people over the next three years.

Your gift can make all of this happen!

If you believe that this is a worthy cause, then please join us today with a generous tax-deductible gift of whatever your means allow. When you do, you will enhance the ongoing work of The Fund for American Studies (TFAS): reaching young people and teaching them about the ideas of liberty, free-market economics, and honorable leadership for generations to come.


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