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Spring 2024 CEJ Fundraising Email HF Donation Page


In the face of anti-American radicals on campuses, The Fund for American Studies is fighting back. 

We support young conservative and libertarian student journalists, equipping them with the resources, mentorship, and training they need through our Center for Excellence in Journalism.

These brave students are already standing up to left-wing radicalism, vigorously denouncing their peers’ extremist speech and actions. 

Take Julia Steinberg, a student reporter at Stanford, who has fearlessly written about antisemitic hatred on the campus, despite her peers’ support for the Hamas attack. Or consider Rodge Reschini, who covered the story of a Cornell professor expressing delight at Hamas’ brutality, in spite of its neglect by other student newspapers.

Yet, these courageous students cannot stand alone. By donating now, your contribution will help equip these students with the resources they need to keep fighting back.

Every dollar given can help these bold students make a significant impact on their campuses. Don’t abandon our country or our youth. Donate today to help these courageous students reinvigorate America’s greatness!

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