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Spring 2024 Scholarship Cultivation Email 2 HF Donation Page


If you read the news, you’re well aware of what’s happening on college campuses these days.

Conservative students face immense challenges–and they could really use your help.

As they continue to face pushback, TFAS helps them stand up for what they believe and return our country to its core values.

By teaching them about economics, politics, and honorable leadership while supporting their career development, we empower them to be voices for freedom in an increasingly un-free campus climate. 

And we know that they’ll use what they’ve learned to make a difference in our nation. 

In the past, many of our alumni were involved in the success of the Reagan administration. Today’s young conservatives are more than eager to make a similar impact.

But unfortunately, most students can’t attend TFAS without a scholarship. That’s why we’re asking you to help.

With your gift, we can reach more than these current 10 scholars, exponentially changing young people’s lives and impacting the future of our nation.

Because, in today’s political climate, the only way to see our country restored is to invest in the youth who will one day lead it.

So please, make a donation below to empower a conservative student today!

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