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Spring 2024 Scholarship Cultivation Email HF Donation Page


Today, our nation faces serious challenges.

That’s why The Fund for American Studies is dedicated to helping conservative students and training them in any way we can.

When TFAS was founded, the situation in our country looked unfortunately similar. Inflation was rising, left-wing radicals had taken over campuses, and the very soul of the nation seemed at stake.

Those experiences taught us how to fight back. We learned how to train today’s students to be leaders in bringing back American values.

We know that what we have is too precious to give up. And just like TFAS alumni from our early programs helped Reagan set America back on course, we know that today’s students are capable of turning our country around.

So we’re asking you to give so that we can equip conservative students with the skills they need to rescue our nation. They are the future, and they need our help.

Will you give to support them?

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