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Ibrahim Al-Marashi

Professor, Conflict Management


Dr. Ibrahim Al-Marashi ’01 teaches the conflict management portion of TFAS Prague.

He is assistant professor of Middle East History at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM). Formally, he taught courses on conflict resolution in the Middle East, and conflict resolution and the media at Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey, and at the UN University of Peace in San Jose, Costa Rica. He has worked with organizations such as UNDP, UNESCO and other NGOs on developing media in post-conflict environments, particularly Iraq.

His research deals with the security issues in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq, and is the co-author of “Iraq’s Armed Forces: An Analytical History” published by Routledge in 2008. He obtained his doctoral degree in philosophy at University of Oxford, completing a thesis on the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. He is also a 2001 graduate of the TFAS Institute for Political and Economic Studies (IIPES) convened in Chania, Greece.

Al-Marashi is an Iraqi-American who has lived at various times in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey, and has travelled extensively through the Middle East, Balkans, East Africa and South Asia.