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The National Media Are Corrupt.

Yes, the national media are corrupt. We’ve all known it for decades, but few want to admit America’s fourth estate has failed the country. The evidence is overwhelming.

From the fiery and dangerous leftist protests that scarred various cities across the nation the past few summers to recent disruptive Pro-Hamas a.k.a. “Pro-Palestine” protests on college campuses, the news stories — the few of them there were — pushed the idea that the protests were “peaceful.”

This was and is a lie.

The violence on so many American campuses this spring wasn’t just found in the shattered windows and desecrated statues. More significantly, it was found in the signs carried and the chants chanted by the “Pro-Palestine” protestors:

“Long live the intifada!” … “We will honor the martyrs!” …

“Israel will fall!” … “From the River to the Sea!”

And most damning of all, signs carried by anti-Israeli protesters at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. with the simple but clear words, in all caps:


That slogan, “Final Solution,” should sound familiar. It is the expression Adolf Hitler used to sum up his plan for the “annihilation of the Jews.”

Here — on America’s campuses — were loud, in-your-face calls for genocide. Here were proud celebrations of the Hamas “martyrs” who raped Jewish women in the streets, beheaded their babies on livestream, and slaughtered over a thousand other innocents during the terrorist organization’s barbaric attack on Israel on October 7, 2023.

The hate spewed wasn’t only reserved for Israel or “Zionism.” Protestors at a rally in Dearborn, Michigan, were also recorded chanting, “Death to America!”

Yet almost no “mainstream” media outlet devoted  airtime or print space to expose the real, genocidal  agenda of the protestors. Almost no student newspaper condemned it.

Expose the Radicals. Report the Truth.

Thankfully, several courageous student journalists entered the fray and told the truth about what was happening on their campuses – and the support they received from The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) and our Center for Excellence in Journalism made all the difference.

Our young reporters reported from inside class buildings being overrun by protestors, with glass windows and doors shattering around them. They endured hateful taunts. And they lost friendships because of their willingness to expose the radicals and tell the truth.

Julia Steinberg at the Stanford Review fearlessly reported on antisemitic hatred on her campus, despite her peers’ support for Hamas. Rodge Reschini at the Cornell Review exposed a Cornell University professors expressed delight at the brutality inflicted upon Israel by the terrorists.

And the Columbia Sundial’s Jonas Du’s made the rounds on national media after reporting on the 1:00 a.m. raid, shattered windows, and occupation of a building on Columbia’s campus.

These and many other similar reports from TFAS supported students and newspapers made their way onto the pages of the New York Post and into stories on Fox News, Newsmax, and other right-leaning national news outlets.

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