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Thank You for Supporting Future TFAS Students!


TFAS is grateful for your support! Today with your gift, you will:

  • Give students the type of experience you had when you were enrolled in a TFAS program.
  • Ensure your affiliation with TFAS helps you stand out throughout your career.
  • Provide valuable resources to your favorite professors and educators, making sure they have what they need to teach incoming students to the best of their ability—just like they did for you.
  • Give students the chance to forge life-long relationships with professors and students for the rest of their lives.
  • Make TFAS stronger than ever, so we can be here when you need us—for networking, mentorship, or career opportunities. This includes launching our new Alumni Career Center, with resources to help you and all TFAS graduates success and make an impact.

Thank you for investing in future TFAS students.

You will soon receive an email confirmation of your gift. Thank you for your generous support!

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