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2021 TFAS Supporter CYE Donation Page



You and I are being forced to endure government run amuck.

The good news is that many across our country are waking up to the dangerous, anti-American ideas that are being pushed today.

Now is the time that we must raise up champions and protect the liberties and freedoms promised to us in our founding documents.

We have a plan to fight back, but its success will depend upon whether or not there are still enough patriots who will sacrifice for the preservation of the America we both know and love.

While America’s fate hangs in the balance, we must:

  • Stop anti-American ideas, by expanding the number of Teaching Freedom resources and guides available in 2022, and growing the effort to get them into the hands of more people—especially young people—who need to be exposed to the truth.
  • Go beyond just targeting college-aged students, fighting anti-American teaching at the K-12 level, by expanding the number of teachers, students, and schools using materials provided by the Foundation for Teaching Economics.
  • Give young people an alternative to progressive ideas, by expanding the number of speakers we can send to college campuses—like Venezuelan political refugees Andrés Guilarte and Jorge Galicia—to enlighten college-aged students to see the dangers of these ideas so that they will reject them.
  • Create future leaders of our country who value America’s founding principles, by expanding the number of students who are enrolled in TFAS government, journalism, law, and business programs in 2022.
  • Ensure that TFAS’s network remains strong so that we can place future graduates on a path to leadership, allowing them to defend your principles from a position of influence in culture, government, and business.
  • Stop liberal media sources from serving as a propaganda machine for progressive ideas and politicians, by training students on the founders’ vision for a free press, with a duty and responsibility to the citizens to report based upon journalistic integrity.
  • Defend the Constitution, by ensuring graduates from our law program go on to become scholars and judges who will interpret laws as written, and don’t legislate from the bench.

If you believe that this plan will make a difference and protect America against those who want to radically transform her, then will you invest in this solution today?

Since we refuse to take a single penny of government money, we rely entirely upon your support to accomplish this mission. Without you, none of this would be possible.

This plan is so important to accomplish next year, that a generous donor has offered to match your gift today (up to a total of $20,000 before December 31st). This means that you can accomplish TWICE as much with your gift today in 2022!

Please don’t miss this opportunity to stop dangerous anti-American ideas and promote freedom and liberty today.

Finally, when you make a gift of $100 or more today, we’ll also send you a free copy of Seven Deadly Economic Sins: Obstacles to Prosperity and Happiness Every Citizen Should Know—written by Dr. James R. Otteson, esteemed senior scholar at The Fund for American Studies, and Templeton Enterprise Award winner. James is a stalwart in providing economic truths, and just one of the great TFAS teachers that students will learn from with your gift today.

You can grow the number of allies you have against socialism and authoritarianism by educating your fellow citizens—especially young people—to champion civic virtue, build a strong moral compass, and to have an appreciation of America’s founding principles with your gift today.

Restore true American principles and stop the spread of socialism today!

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