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Our very own government is funding a foreign organization that exists to stop companies from advertising on news sources, it deems “unworthy”. And this organization declared several conversative news organizations, that you probably read every day, “high risk.”

These “high risk” organizations include some of your favorite new sources like: The New York Post, Reason Magazine, Real Clear Politics, and Daily Wire.

They claim that these organizations are susceptible to “disinformation.”

But you know their only real sin was that they’re willing to report the facts and allow a discussion to happen.

That’s right, they’re high risk because they’re willing to publish content that disagrees with the status quo.

That’s a problem.

And the worst part, is that it means leaders in our government think that it’s appropriate to use taxpayer dollars to influence what Americans can talk about.

And that is why TFAS is hard at work teaching the next generation of leaders in government and journalism the importance of free speech and open discourse.

In fact, research shows that by attending just one of our programs, 96% of students supported civil discourse and the free exchange of ideas.

That’s right, our work teaches young people that it’s WRONG for the State Department to silence speech.

That is why your support is so important

So please, consider rushing an urgent donation right now!



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