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Donate to Support The Fund For American Studies 3 Step


Thank you for pledging your support to The Fund for American Studies (TFAS), we are very excited to have you joining us in the fight against this new wave of socialism.

We agree with you that the free market is the best way to create economic opportunity and prosperity for America. We are committed to fighting socialism and other forms of government control, and your donation will go a long way in helping us continue our efforts.

TFAS offers a variety of programs and services, including educational resources and research. That’s all in addition to providing support to students and educators who are interested in learning more about the free market.

The second step you can take to ensure that future generations don’t become socialist, is to make a donation of just $1 today!

If you were curious where your donation will be spent:

Your donation will help TFAS:

  • Reach over 300,000 high school students this year!
  • Distribute educational material explaining the importance of free markets and the dangers of socialism to hundreds of thousands of individuals.
  • Educate America’s future leaders about the importance of free market policies, honorable leadership, and the principles of personal liberty and limited government.

On our own, TFAS can only do so much to combat these ideals from taking root in our young people. If we’re going to take back our country we need your help!

So please take the second step and make a donation to TFAS today, any amount helps and will go directly to saving our future.



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