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EoY 2023 Fundraiser Alumni Donate Page – Social


At TFAS, we’re dedicated to strengthening both our country and global community by training the next generation of leaders in government, business, media, and so much more.

As you know from personal experience, we give our students a transformational education. We provide world-class training as they develop the networks to thrive throughout their careers.

Amelia Patrick’s experience is just one example of TFAS’ benefits in action:

I have made so many wonderful connections in my time here, and I am thankful that in the future I will have this TFAS network because of the success and passion of the many individuals involved with TFAS. 

– Amelia Patrick ’21

You now have the opportunity to give back to this next generation of leaders by making a contribution today!

Because giving back is a TFAS tradition.

Our mission is to help students across America and the world. We hope that you’ll join in!

Together, we can pass these skills and values on to the next generation of leaders, both in America and around the world.

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