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TFAS International 25th Anniversary Reunion

July 26—31, 2018


Czech Republic


TFAS International is turning 25!

Connect with TFAS friends from around the globe this summer as we celebrate 25 years of TFAS International programs with a reunion in the city where it all began.


2011 European Journalism Institute (EJI) in Prague
2011 European Journalism Institute (EJI) in Prague (Photo courtesy of Allie Brill)

In 1993, TFAS established its first international program – the American Institute on Political and Economic Systems (AIPES) – at Charles University in Prague, enabling young leaders in Europe to study the ideas of individual liberty, limited government, free-market economics and honorable leadership. Since then, TFAS has expanded its international programs to reach young leaders in all corners of the world, including Asia, the Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

More than 5,500 students from 144 countries have attended a TFAS International program since that first summer in 1993. This year, TFAS invites our impressive cohort of international alumni to come together as we celebrate TFAS experiences and friendships, as well the impact alumni are making around the globe as leaders for a free society.


TFAS International 25th Anniversary Reunion
July 26-31, 2018
Prague, Czech Republic

Reunion Highlights

The celebration will begin on July 26 with an informal kick-off dinner and end on July 31 following the AIPES Closing Ceremony at the Carolinium and a post-ceremony celebration. Other planned activities include:

2010 Asia Institute for Political Economy (AIPE) in Hong Kong
2010 Asia Institute for Political Economy (AIPE) in Hong Kong
  • Day tours of the historic and beautiful Czech Republic
  • Briefings with TFAS professors and Charles University’s Faculty of Social Sciences
  • A formal dinner celebrating 25 years of TFAS International education and friendship
  • The 2018 AIPES Closing Ceremony featuring the 2018 AIPES Freedom Award Recipient

Details will be added and updated to the schedule as they are confirmed. If you have any questions, please contact Matt Kwasiborski at reunion@TFAS.org.



Visa Information
Please visit this page to determine if you need a visa to enter the Czech Republic. If so, your visa letter of invitation will be prepared by Charles University. Visa appointments at the local Czech Embassy/Consulate will not be available until 90 days before the reunion. Information for local local Czech Embassies can be found here. (If you are from traveling from Kyrgyzstan or Tunisia, please contact Matt Kwasiborski at reunion@TFAS.org).

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