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This year, the Left will have unchecked controls over the direction and future of the country. With the new VP serving as the tie-breaker in a knotted Senate, and with majority control over the House — their vision for increased government can now be won through a simple majority vote.

While we hope for the best with the new administration, history has taught us that we need to be prepared for the worst.

You and I can’t afford to wait and see what happens. We need to do more right now to find and train future leaders who value America’s founding principles. When we do, they will go on to defend these values for a generation or more.

Will you consider being one of the leaders we need to inspire others to join them in the fight to preserve American by making a gift today? 

When you do, it will be used to build a matching gift fund to inspire others to join you to do even more in 2021 to stop people from buying into dangerous ideas that threaten America — ideas like socialism and Marxism especially.

Your gift will also be used to help:

  • Stop anti-American ideas like socialism and Marxism, by expanding the number of Teaching Freedom resources and guides available in 2021, and growing the marketing effort to get them into the hands of more people — especially young people — who need to be exposed to the truth. 
  • Give young people an alternative to anti-American ideas, by expanding the number of speakers we can send to college campuses — like Andrés Guilarte and Jorge Galicia — to enlighten college-aged students to see the dangers of these ideas so that they will reject them. 
  • Ensure the future leaders of our country value America’s founding principles, by expanding the number of students who are enrolled in TFAS government, journalism, law, and business programs in 2021. 
  • Ensure that our network remains strong so that we can place future graduates on a path to leadership, allowing them to defend your principles from a position of influence in culture, government, and business. 
  • Stop the mainstream media from serving as a propaganda machine for anti-American ideas and politicians, by training students on the Founders’ vision for a free press, with a duty and responsibility to the citizens to report with journalistic integrity. 
  • Defend the Constitution, by ensuring graduates from our law program go on to become scholars and judges who will interpret laws as written, and who won’t legislate from the bench. 
  • Go beyond just targeting college-aged students, fighting anti-American teaching at the K-12 level, by expanding the number of teachers, students, and campuses using materials provided by our high school program division, the Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE).

Your gift today will expand all of these areas if made before February 6th!

Because we refuse to take a single penny of government money, we rely entirely upon your support to accomplish this mission. Without you, none of this would be possible and America would have already fallen to those who want to dramatically transform her.

Will you step up, make a gift to build this matching gift fund and inspire others to follow your leadership in the fight to preserve freedom and liberty in America today?

Goal: 40,000


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