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FTE 2023 Fundraiser Housefile 2


With 51% of young people saying they would vote for an openly socialist candidate, we need to get ahead of the leftist academics pushing their socialist ideology on college campuses. 

That’s why TFAS’ Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE) provides high school teachers with the tools to ensure that up to 150,000 high school students across the country understand economics basics. 

Our program equips these teachers to introduce economics to high schoolers in an interactive and engaging manner. 

It’s so effective that one graduate, John from Chicago, had this to say about it:

“As a new teacher of economics, this program was the perfect jump-start into the basics of the topic, its real-world applications and, most importantly, its relevancy to student’s lives, by teaching them how to think critically about the world around them.” 

– John, Chicago, IL

But this program costs a lot of money. 

In fact, the cheapest training event that we held this year cost $22,000! 

That’s why we’re hoping you’ll give whatever you can so that we can continue training teachers in basic economics. This is ground zero in the fight against indoctrination. 

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. 

And, they hold the keys to the fate of our nation. In order to maintain our country’s freedom and prosperity for the future. But our universities are run by left-wing academics. That’s why it’s so important that we teach our children economic literacy in high school!

That’s why we’re asking you to invest. By making an end-run around the universities we can hopefully stop more young people from being indoctrinated in college!

This program trains teachers all over the United States. It gives them the skills and confidence to teach high school students free-market economics!

So please give whatever you can right now!

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