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Kylee Zempel’s Story


Today’s news is more likely to be filled with a heavy dose of opinion pieces and commentaries rather than fact-based. Leaders of news organizations constantly push their radical agenda upon their readers instead of informing them of objective, fact-based truth anymore.

Because of this, the country has become polarized. Leading us into an age where it is only a matter of time before those who value conservative and American founding principles are outnumbered by those who do not.

To our Founding Fathers, the press was a necessary component in the fight to educate citizens of government intentions to hold their elected officials accountable to their individual liberty. Unfortunately, today, most news publishers resemble propaganda machines for the political leanings of the leadership.

The good news is that there is still hope. There are still young people who understand the importance of independent journalism, fact-based reporting, and news that holds the government accountable to your individual freedom, free-market economics and limited government.

Kylee Zempel
Kylee Zempel, TFAS 2017 Alumnus

2017 alumnus Kylee Zempel certainly is on a mission to restore these values in her journalism.  And thanks to her education at TFAS, she’s making an impact in the world of journalism as assistant editor of The Federalist newspaper.

Native to central Wisconsin, Kylee Zempel came to TFAS from Maranatha Baptist University.

Wanting to get into news broadcasting, Kylee saw the importance for news anchors and people in journalism to understand the policies that they are covering – not just the politicians.

So, she took an economics course with Professor Chris Coyne to learn to separate economics from politics.

Moreover, Kylee feels like TFAS has prepared her to be a leader:

“TFAS has been excellent, the networking especially…They literally set us up for success at every possible opportunity. Meeting professionals everyday through TFAS, on the street, through our internships we get to rub shoulders and that’s an important leadership quality to be able to communicate with other people.”

Defend your values today!

If it weren’t for our generous supporters, Kylee’s TFAS experience never would have been possible. We can still turn the tide against propaganda journalism by proactively reaching and teaching the next generation with the bedrock principles that have made America a beacon of freedom in the world to future leaders in journalism.

But we can’t do it alone.  The mission of The Fund for American Studies is only as successful as the willingness of men and women like you to partner with us financially.

We do not take any government money, so the only thing stopping us from doing more great work like this to defend American values for generations to come is the support we get from donors like you.

There are more young people just like Kylee who need your help. Will you do your part to preserve American values with your gift of support today?

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